gearbox mounts

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Just waiting for a few small parts (seals, bearings etc) I need to rebuild the rest of the gearbox. Looking ahead, I thought I would sort out the gearbox mounts.

I have the 2 (fairly similar) parts that attached to the chassis, upon which the rubber mounts sit.

However, I can’t work out how the parts that go between the rubber mounts and the gearbox sit.

One of them (first picture - painted black) looks sensible. The one in the second picture looks all wrong. I have tried swapping them over, i have tried turning them around. The parts diagram doesn't help (in fact, the parts look a different shape on the diagram). I did take photos of the gearbox in the car before i removed it, but unfortunately, none of these show these details. Can't find anything sensible on the web.

Photos or descriptions would be appreciated.


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Thanks for the photo.
I still have an issue - from what i can tell, the metal mounts that fit on the gearbox result in an attachment point at very different heights, which would seem wrong.

Photo 2 seems to match your photo. Same side of the transfer box, mounting point to the rubber (not present) towards the front of the 4WD.
Photo 3 is on the other side, mounting point to the rubber towards the front of the 4WD.
But you can see from these photos and photo 1 that the mounting point to the rubber is higher than the bottom of the 4WD on the side in photo 2, and below the bottom of the 4WD in photo 3.

If you had a photo of the gearbox mounting from the other side, i could work out (perhaps) what i am doing wrong. Or is there another explanation.

Sorry for long note, but i just cannot work this out.


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My daily driver.


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