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Fuel injection System - Message

Discussion in 'TDV6/8' started by Dancaw, Sep 21, 2011.

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  1. Dancaw

    Dancaw New Member

    Mar 5, 2011
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    Im after some information regarding the following error message? looking for other possible reasons why i would be getting this message? - i have searched the forum and tried the low fuel possibility, unless my gauge is 190miles out.

    So lets detail the scenario, start engine from cold - car starts fine, ticks over fine, drives fine, roughly hour later after car is all warmed up the car displays the dreaded "Fuel Injection System" error message. car still seems to drive ok at first, then 10 mins later, it feels like the car has lost an awful lot of power, the engine sounds different, feels like no torque or minimal. the car seems to over heat, but the temperature gauge does not go up.then the car starts judder and steering wheel vibrates, and this all seems to happen around 2000 rpm, soon as i take the car upto 3000 rpm it feels like car starts to smooth out.

    if i leave the car turned off for around an half hour, the car is back to normal.

    I do have one horrid thought, after 3 weeks my partner owns up to me and admits she hadput £25 (19Litres) of petrol in the RR however there was 1/4 a tank of diesel already, she only drived 500 yard before she realised, and turned the engine off, before anything happened, the solution her Brother had was to get some Diesel Cans and full the car to the brim of £90 of diesel as he said you can run a diesel on a mixture he does it all the time to clean the system (My Thoughts Maybe older diesel engines), I've also read forums that some people do it on purpose to clean the fuel system.

    she has kept the tank topped up with diesel for a week and half. - until 1.5 weeks later this problem is re occurring - so I assume its related?

    I Intend to do a complete fuel tank drain and refill with fresh diesel, and change diesel filters this weekend, and while im at it do a complete oil change. and change fuel pump.

    Is this going to clear my issues or is it a stab in the dark? if its related, why does the car drive normally while cold? then start to play up hour half later? and what damage could be done? I'm assuming any where from Blocked Injectors, - to f"@cked Injectors, what makes it worse I had sold the car to day and they brought it back!!

    I don't really want to start replacing injectors. as I,m selling the car as my my new car has arrived.

    Car Specifications
    3L Diesel
    TD6 Vogue Black
    Year 2004 (53 Plate)
    106k miles

    any information ot theories would be much appreciated.
    this message posted else where in the hope i get some sensible solutions.
  2. WSLR

    WSLR New Member

    Dec 11, 2009
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    Wellington, Somerset, UK
    Get the codes read with IDS and then make a judgement, otherwise you may be spending in the wrong place.
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