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Freelander 2002 TD4 2 Litre Auto Spares or Repairs

Discussion in 'Land Rovers For Sale' started by mediaseller, Jul 14, 2019.

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  1. mediaseller

    mediaseller Member

    Mar 24, 2015
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    Hi All.

    I have my Freelander up for sale since it's become too difficult for me to service now that the Auto gearbox has a real problem and the cooling system has a major leak somewhere.

    I’ve had the car for four years and loved every minute of it.

    The 2 litre* BMW engine starts first time and it runs very smoothly.

    The bodywork is quite good with just a small amount of rust on the tailgate.

    Good amount of service history with MOTs to prove mileage.

    User’s handbook provided with Audio ICE manual and original radio code.

    It will make a good project for someone who has more time than me or just for parts.

    · I have recently replaced both front suspension arms and bush.
    · Tyres swapped for winter tyres last November and ran them since then. Plenty of tread left on them.
    · Alternator, prop shaft support bearings, 1st Cylinder fuel injector and serpentine belt with Idler replaced two years ago.
    · Changed the brake light switch two week ago.
    The Car is drivable a mile or so before overheating but needs towing or trailering away.

    The good points:
    · 152469 miles covered.
    · It's still got everything connected for 4WD and drives faultlessly. VCU still present.
    · Full electric windows including the tailgate all working.
    · 2 keys and 2 fobs for the central locking.
    · Tow bar fitted with full electrics.
    · Alloy wheels with plenty of tread left on the tyres with full size spare.
    · Air con.
    · Six CD disc autochanger fitted under driver’s seat.
    · Downhill descent control.
    · Roof rails permanently fitted.
    · Some hoses replaced with the silicone type.

    The bad points:
    · Automatic gearbox not working perhaps a solenoid or maybe full repair.
    · Serious water leak from a radiator or hose.
    · Noisy IRD, (Transfer box).
    · Driver’s seat torn in the usual place.
    · Seats need cleaning.
    · Tailgate needs slamming to fully close it.
    · Tailgate has a small rust patch.
    · Rubber window glass guides have bubbled with corrosion.
    · Tailgate screen is scratched.
    · Boot locker area lets in water on the spot-welded seam. (Easy fix I understand).
    · Downhill descent and Traction Control lights permanently on. (Probably due to gearbox fault)
    · Gear status not showing on the dash. (Probably due to gearbox fault).
    · Left front speaker is faulty.

    I recently swapped out the factory fitted radio cassette unit for a third party Bluetooth radio and so the original unit is supplied loose with the car.

    This car needs towing away though it will drive for a mile or so without overheating.
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