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Foxwell BT100 Pro Battery Tester

Discussion in 'General Land Rover Forum' started by Si Click, Jan 25, 2020.

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  1. Si Click

    Si Click Well-Known Member

    Aug 21, 2018
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    Although my D2 starts first time and is showing no signs of a weak battery, I have been getting suspicious that all may not be well. At 830 CCA it is smaller than I would like, and if I do not drive it any decent distance for a week or two I put it on an Optimate 4 trickle charger which immediately goes into the Red - Battery Recovery mode. Unlike all the other batteries I charge which go into maintenance mode after a few hours, it will still be actively charging the D2 after a couple of days. So I bought a Foxwell BT100 Pro Battery Tester and it shows 232 CCA available, a State of Health of 23% and Replace Battery in big letters. God knows how the thing starts.

    All my other batteries are fine, including the one in my Triumph TR2 which I last changed in about 1992, but which pretty much stays on a trickle charger - that is showing a State of Health of 95%.

    I've ordered a Tanya C31-1000 BTW.

    For £36 this is a useful little gadget that gives much more info than a multimeter. I would have stuck this is a Product Review section if we had one....
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