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Discovery Key Fob Failure??

Discussion in 'Land Rover Discovery' started by wills, Feb 25, 2009.

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  1. wills

    wills Well-Known Member

    Jan 22, 2006
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    Hi everyone,

    Don't usually come into this forum as I don't have a Disco BUT my uncle has a 2000 DII - got the diesel engine - assume it's a TD5?? Not totally sure (hopefully it won't impact on the question anyway).

    So, his problem is his key fob's have packed up one by one. He has three and two have now stopped working so he is now using his only working one to get around.

    The type of key(s) he has has got two buttons and an LED on.

    So, because I have a Range Rover, I instantly know everything about Land Rovers including Discovery's. Problem is, I don't. I said I would pop over tomorrow and have a quick look for him.

    With the P38 Range Rover if a key stops working its usually either the battery or it's lost it's synch with the ECU under the drivers seat. Does the same sort of thing still apply with a Disco II??

    Im hoping im going to find two lots of flat batteries but he says that one of the fobs still has the red LED show up when he presses a button so I'm not sure.

    Ive had a search through the forums and come accross this thread...


    But I'm not sure which procedure to try on it, or maybe I should try each on until it works (after making sure the batteries are OK).

    He rang the dealer and they reckon the keys just need re-synching and want to charge him £45+VAT (PER BLOODY KEY!) just to do it (I don't want him to goto the delars on principle anyway - they tried the same thing when I ordered a new key for my P38 - tried to charge an ungodly ammount to do some sort of major super dooper top secret work to synch the new key when all I did was go straight outside, stick it in the lock and tada - synched).

    Im personally convinced it's something simple and not too difficult to sort without the dealers help. So can anyone give me any pointers on which re-synch procedure to try??


    -Wills :)
  2. CharlesY

    CharlesY Well-Known Member

    Dec 29, 2006
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    Download RAVE from here, and see the Owner's Manual section.
    Full details there how to fix flatty batties in key fobs.

    Fit new batteries to the key fobs then read Rave about setting them up again.

    Rave says ...
    The battery should last for approximately
    three years dependent upon use. When the
    battery needs replacing it will be apparent
    from the following symptoms:
    &#8226; A gradual deterioration in range and
    &#8226; The alarm indicator light in the instrument
    panel will flash rapidly for 10 seconds
    after the driver&#8217;s door is opened.
    Always fit a Land Rover STC 4080 or a
    Panasonic CR2032 replacement battery
    (available from a Land Rover dealer) and
    adopt the following replacement procedure:
    1) With the handset face down, insert the
    blade of a small flat-bladed screwdriver into
    the slot at the rear of the handset (see inset)
    and prise the back upwards.
    2) Insert the screwdriver blade as shown in
    the right hand inset and then carefully slide it
    along the joint towards the key to release the
    back of the handset.
    3) Use a small flat-bladed screwdriver to prise
    the battery from its mounting (see
    illustration), taking care to avoid touching the
    circuit board or the metal battery contacts.
    4) Fit the new battery, ensuring that correct
    polarity is maintained (&#8217;+&#8217; side facing up).
    Finger marks will adversely affect battery life;
    if possible, avoid touching the flat surfaces of
    the battery and wipe them clean before fitting.
    5) Press the two halves of the handset firmly
    together and ensure that both halves are fully
    joined to prevent dirt or moisture from
    entering the handset.
    The handset is now ready for use.


    PASTMASTER Well-Known Member

    Oct 7, 2007
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    S London
    TRy new bats first. These fobs are prone to die, but if the led is flashing it should work, in which case yes it may need resynching. If the led doesn't work, even with new bats, the fob is dead. Unlock tends to go before lock, frustratingly.
  4. wills

    wills Well-Known Member

    Jan 22, 2006
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    Just to update this thread.

    Went over this afternoon - turns out the story has more to it than first meets the eye.

    Something broke in the ignition barrel a while ago and that had been replaced with some sort of generic one so the key to start the vehicle wasn't the same as the ones that unlocked the door.

    So we were now down to just two keys - one was completely trashed, the actual buttons themselves had gone and you could see right into the key. The actual miniature buttons on the PCB had gone so that was a dead key as well.

    The last key had both button covers intact - the lock button worked but the unlock didn't. Popped open the cover to find that the tiny little unlock button which was soldered to the PCB had come off.

    I took the half working key home along with the tiny button and got out the smallest tip I could find for my soldering iron and had a go at soldering it back together. Got it on and soldered and it now works a treat - both the lock and unlock buttons now work again and once the vehicle had been unlocked with the fob when the generic key was inserted into the barrel the coil around the barrel picked up the signal from the fob and everything was good to go again.

    He has got a new key on order as a spare now.

    One last thing I will say is I had to perform the EKA procedure on the vehicle as it needed to be moved off the road onto the driveway and :eek: what an annoyance that is - unlike the P38 you have to wait 5 mins after entering the code before you can even open or try starting the vehicle - annoying to say the least!

    -Wills :)
  5. Disco Devon

    Disco Devon New Member

    Jan 12, 2010
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    Got the same issue with keys in my 1999 Discovery II TDI

    1. One Key has lost its buttons so it won't open the doors
    2. One key (which I bought new last year) has stopped working

    STEP 1
    With number 1 key I open the door with the key and the alarm goes off
    Put the key in the ignition and the immobiliser light goes out and car starts.

    STEP 2
    Changed the battery in number 2 key,
    Tried to open doors with buttons nothing
    Tried to open the door with key alarm goes off.
    Put key in ignition alarm continues and immobiliser light stays on
    Put number 1 key in ignition, alarm stops, immobiliser stays on

    Only way to get out of this one is to disconnect the battery then back to step 1.

    If I stop the car for any period of time I'm back to step 1

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