Dicky Indicators...blesses are the Hazard warning switches & Marshall's JLR!!

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I had a number of places I could post this thread as it's ultimately here for your Friday afternoon humour...but as it relates to an early Ninety Lucas SB312 Switch, so it's here.

Had my indicators fail the other week as approaching Goodwood for the 80thMM. No indicators and wobbly hazard function. Started to look at this fault the other day, suddenly the hazards work but still no indicators. So whip off the steering wheel and dash light plinth and buzz out hazard bulb, all the wiring and switches...leading to the hazard switch which I did not expect to be faulty as all hazards working perfectly. All contacts correct, no earthing shorts, relay all good so whip out the hazard switch as a final check and it near falls apart in my hand. So there's the fault :rolleyes:

Now for the Friday humour, a quick search on LRW shows a G-grade Lucas SB312 for £21.49, but really I wanted one today. I phone around all the local 4x4/Landy garages...none in stock. Out of interest I call Marshall's JLR in Newbury, get through to a very polite fellow in parts dep't on Ext#5. I give him the LR part number YUF101490 and he checks his stock system..."It's not in stock, Sir, but can get one in for next Friday." And the price...? I ask, "£133.66 + VAT..." he replies as if this is norm' for a 50 year old switch design. I openly laughed confirming I'll take take the online price from other suppliers.

£133.66+VAT for a simple 7pin hazard warning switch from the Prince of Darkness!! Do people really pay these prices...?😲
Do you perchance have the part number or any idea where I can find the connector that connects to that switch? I am having the hardest time finding one for my '87 Defender 90 but I had the same problem and found my connector internally shorted.