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Disco 1 Definitive way to remove heater matrix on discovery 1 ..300tdi

Discussion in 'Technical Archive' started by birty1, Nov 22, 2013.

By birty1 on Nov 22, 2013 at 3:59 PM
  1. birty1

    birty1 New Member

    Feb 11, 2006
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    Definitive way to remove heater matrix on discovery 1 ..300tdi#

    Hi guys I had the same problem as most of you …no heat and water in the foot well. After looking for the cause it was decided that the matrix had to be changed but no one could tell me the best way with everybody saying it was a dash out. According to the book it said it came out from the side? …so puzzled was I. Finally after 2 Landrover dealers said they were NOT prepared to undertake the job I tackled it myself.Firstly: YOU DO NOT HAVE TO TAKE THE DASHBOARD OUT so stop saying you do! This would be a major undertaking, and I imagine many cars have been scrapped afterward. You do not even take the centre control console out either.#
    Hand grinder with guard removed
    A new metal cutting blade (thinnest possible fitted to the grinder)
    1 tube of metal epoxy glue for aluminium
    30cm of heating hose same diameter as the heater hose in the engine
    4 jubilee clips to suit the hose#
    Remove centre console (4 screws, 2 in the box and 2 under the matt)

    Push seat back and look at the floor heat outlet …to the right you will see the matrix hidden behind the bottom of the dash and a metal structure. The metal structure holds the fuse box lid. Remove the fuse box lid and the floor heat vent. With the grinder cut level with the metal structure toward the heater matrix making sure there are no wires in the way …(basically the bottom of the dash is in the way, it needs cutting to allow the radiator the space to be removed) If you are undertaking this job …you will see where needs cutting. Later the cut is hardly visible when refitted.Remove metal structure in front of matrix by un-bolting at both ends (moving any other bolts near the fuse box hinge, you can now see the pipes holding the radiator in …cut the pipes with the grinder 50mm in (2”) …now remove the radiator (it slides out after you have taken the clip off)Take to the bench and remove pipe fittings, remove rubber seal. DO NOT TRY TO REFIT SEALS ON NEW RADIATOR the reason is they won’t seal again and will leak …trust me! …trim ends to 20mm …mix epoxy metal filler and set into new matrix. Wait 30min (have a brew)Clean ends of all pipes, pre cut hoses, slide on with washing up liquid, replace new matrix and connect up linking hoses. Run water in to the new radiator via the engine pipe to check for leaks, once happy, connect to the engine, and run to temp ..Check for leaks and refill to level.#If no leaks replace fuse box holding bar and reverse the procedure. The cut dash can be filled with coloured corking from BQ but it’s hardly noticeable.#Total time 4 hours#I now have blissful heat and can defrost my windows again#Pictures attached
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Discussion in 'Technical Archive' started by birty1, Nov 22, 2013.

    1. Tore LR
      Tore LR
      I'm right in the middle of this and really appreciate your post. But I can't find the pictures? I'm new here, so maybe I'm not looking in the right place.
    2. threaders 1
      threaders 1
    3. threaders 1
      threaders 1
      Hi Guys, can anyone tell me where the photos are of this operation by birty1 as I need to be operating myself asap. cheers David