Defender seat headrest removal

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Hi just put my new seats in but they came with no headrests. Does anybody have any idea how you get them out as i can reuse the original ones. I have tried the obvious pulling and feeling for a release button.
Any advise would be appreciated.
your not pulling them hard enuff!!! when i changed my seats the original headrests had to come off my old ones and one of them had to come out with some persuation from a hammer, at least i dont think there is a screw if there was, there isnt any more. !!!

good luck cheers
I did the bit with a screwdriver under the base of the headrest and melted it a couple of times with a hammer, the squirted some wd40 down it and whacked a few more time eh voila, PDB

just an update to this post if you undo the seat back cover at lower edge you can then put a torch under the cover and see the retaining spring clip inside the headrest tube,using long nosed pliers grip the left side of spring clip and pull it to the right and towards you at the same time the clip then comes out allowing you to pull headrest out without using force(other than when rusted in)the spring clip can then be re-located before pushing headrest into new seat so that it is retained correctly.(hope this isn't to pompus)
Realize this post is almost 6 years old, but just wanted to add that SPUTNIX is spot on with how to remove the head rest. I searched everywhere and pretty much everything I came across suggested beating the hell out of the headrest till it came off. That method does not work so well.

I finally came across this posting and was able to get the headrest off by removing the outer cover of the seat enough to where I could get at the metal clip inside the head rest post, push the clip aside with a screwdriver, and then pull the head rest off with ease.
So on my TD5 the headrests are adjustable just by pulling them up or pushing down.

On the missus's 300tdi they seem to be fixed about an inch above the top of the seat, and won't move. Is this right, not adjustable on the 300tdi?
Well, they're supposed to adjust, legally. You're supposed to be able to get them so the central mass of the cushion is level with the central mass of the person's head sitting in the seat - about eye level. So they can prevent neck injuries in the event of an accident. So maybe they're just seized because they haven't been moved in a long while.
I know this is an old post but I found it really useful. I managed to remove a headrest using SPUTNIXB51 instructions to get the seat ready to revamp today and took some pictures of the spring clip for visual reference.
That is interesting, although the Land Rover is long gone now! l've still got my 110 though, the missus has one of the new Jimnys