Defender or Range Rover?

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Hey forum,

upkeep kosts (fuel (no matter how much) and taxes + insurance) are not my problem, job and parents pay that.
I have around 15k (€) and the financial capitol to keep both of these running for a number of years. Money is NO problem for me but i would like to stay under 15 grand (buying price).


Wow didn't see this bit..

Don't think i could leach of off my parent with a sound mind tbh but each to their own..
They all have their problems but for long journeys I would forget about the defender based on comfort alone, a €10k vehicle could give you as much trouble as a €5k vehicle so I would forget about trying to spend the full amount and maybe buy something a little cheaper and hope for the’ll know what you want when the time comes, you’ll see a vehicle advertised and you’ll just have to have it regardless of anyone’s opinion be it a RR or 110
When the right one comes along you’ll know it’s the one