Defender 90 XS TD

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Ahhhh insurance. So my current provider decided they no longer wanted my business and offered a renewal with 5000 xs. Errrr how much 800 quid with 5000 ecxess.
So off I go various comparison sites….log book says light good vehicle. So its a van, or is it. So when trying van insurance various decent sensible quotes but the xs model not found, my reg number comes up as Defender 90 heavy duty pickup. So in an attempt to try and move things forward honestly I rang a few quotes in an attempt to try to get insurance that matches the defender model. Errrrr the computer says a Defender 90XS TD as my log book doest exist, so sorry we can unsure it for you, Ill contact the underwriter. Ok good. Underwriter wont cover it as its not in the model list, odd that underwriter is currently covering it. A very help chap at Carole Nash tried to help, he hit the same brick wall, apparently to do with the way its listed with the DVLA.
So back to play with a comparison site. If I search for car insurance with out the reg number, I find in cars a Defender 90XS TD as per my light commercial log book. Tried to take it through and purchase insurance. Then when theyask for Reg number it doesn't recognise it, but with on company I could have. 2010 county TD.

Is it just me where my defender is a car by data base code and light commercial by log book, or are others struggling with this. This has boiled my urine so much I would accept any sensible offer before I trade it in on a Rav4 for the Mrs.
So it's a Defender Hard Top (no rear seats)? Or do you have rear seats. They may have been fitted later as it's easy to convert a hard top into a station wagon.

How much road tax do you pay? lf it's £360 it's a van/commercial.
lf you're paying £700 then it's a car.
Sounds like someone managed to get it reclassified.

lt used to be possible but the DVLA clamped down on it, as people were doing it to make their vehicles ULEZ and LEZ exempt.

Understandably so, but the DVLA didn't want people doing it.
Was it after October 2010 when they all became Commercial Vehicles?

I thought it was 2011. lf it was 2010 it might include a few late 2.4's