Defender 90 TD5?

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I sold my TD5 eighteen months ago when I retired to go sailing. (Everything in store and we went blue water for a while, boat is now in the Caribbean…)

For family reasons, plans have changed and we have given our tenants notice and plan is to move into our house and sail six months of the year and live in uk six months.

I need a project and I’m thinking of getting hold of a Defender that’s rusted out in its chassis etc and rebuilding it from chassis & bulkhead upwards. The problem is sourcing a suitable vehicle. Any I see advertised are stupid money. Any suggestions?
Hi j_g_uk sounds like a good project and challenge for you! I'm looking for a galv td5 too and the market has gone quiet. Except for super expensive ones!
Hi both, does it have to be a rusted out shell or a td5?
I'm about to list my 300tdi 90 pick up, galv chassis and galv series style doors, just waiting for better weather to take some pics, if this is of any interest then please let me know.