Disco 4 (LR4) Day Running Light (DRL) tuning kit for Discovery 4

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Hey! My name is Sergey, I am an engineer. Recently, I was approached by guys from a tuning studio who are installing LED lenses instead of faulty halogen and xenon lenses and asked me to make a DRL kit for installation in Discovery 4.
In Russia, as in many other countries, it is imperative to drive with DRL (low beam or fog lights, if there is no DRL). DRL is good because you do not have to spend the resource of the headlight lamps, especially if it is xenon from Valeo. Due to the high temperature of xenon lamps, the reflector in the lenses becomes cloudy after a while and the light becomes very dim.
This DRL kit complies with European standards of brightness, and when the dipped beam is turned on, the brightness gradually decreases to the side lights mode, so as not to blind oncoming cars. Also, when the turn signal is turned on, the DRL smoothly switches to the side lights mode, for better visibility of the turn signal. No strobe lights, as Chinese engineers like to do =)
It is better than standard DRLs installed in the bumper, as it is not afraid of dirt/water and is very reliable.
Here are some photos of what I got:
10.jpg 12.jpg 11.jpg disco.jpg
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