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Cheeky modifcations to improve off road performance!

Discussion in 'General Land Rover Forum' started by Ghost, May 22, 2012.

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  1. Ghost

    Ghost New Member

    Mar 18, 2007
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    Just wanted to run a few possible ideas past some possibly more knowledgable folks on the subject of improving my 1991 Defender 90 200 Tdi. It's being used for general off roading and trials with Land Rover clubs, so the more extreme mods such as diff lockers, cranked arms and massive body mods to reduce angles and increase ground clearance are unfortunately out of bounds.

    I've already completely rebuilt the motor with 300tdi Disco axles and brakes, lifted 2 inches with Terrafirma shocks and Bearmach springs, fully polybushed, protection and recovery points fitted and all the usual bits and bobs you'd carry out. It performs great off road but I'd like to make it that little bit more capable for some of the tight turns, muddy bits and axle twisters!

    My first query is regarding the super soft luminous green bushes sold my Pro Trac etc. They're supposed to be soft enough to allow extra axle articulation whereas the orange poly ones I've got currently are too stiff, I've seen these in action and have decided a set of the triangular bushes on the trailing and radius arms would be a good move. Problem is I only want those four bushes, does anyone have any idea how I'd get them without purchasing the full kit?

    Secondly, I've got big offset 8 spoke Matt Lee wheels on the front, leftover from the days before he moved onto making Mach 5 wheels. They're a wide offset which is great for the steering lock, but even with the lockstops removed the tyres (235/85 Insa Special Tracks) are nowhere near rubbing on the front radius arms. Its been quite a handy trick with club level triallers to take the lock stops out so on full lock the inner tyre sidelugs catch on the radius arms, this in effect brakes the inside wheel and transfers more power to the outer front wheel allowing tighter turning circles. Unfortunately due to the offset of the wheels the steering box is reaching it's limit before the swivels and tyres are, I was wondering has anyone succesfully managed to carry out a safe modification to a 4 bolt power steering box like mine to increase the lock? I've heard that a longer steering drop arm can be fitted to increase the 'swing', but searching hasn't revealed a popular or common one to be fitted. Any ideas?

    And lastly, with diff lockers being out various attempts have been tried at over tightening planetary gears in the diffs and all sorts to try and induce less slip. I don't really want to muck about too much with the mechanicals of the axle differentials but is there a popular thicker oil that they can be filled with to try and encourage a semi locking effect?

    Sorry for the essay, any ideas or pointers on any of the above would be appreciated!
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