Breaking 1996 Metallic Red P38 4.6 HSE - FIFE

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Fife, Scotland
My P38, the one I wanted to keep and just spent nearly a grand on, has died whilst at the MOT centre, it ran fine down there, but cut out on the ramps and wont start, something sounds like it is binding and the earth cables get warm, don't know if it is the engine, all new parts, starter or the gearbox

Seeing as though I have my new BMW, and another P38 on the road, I can't justify more cash to see what is wrong, so when engine comes out it is staying out

I will have pics when it comes back from the garage on Tuesday, but looking to see if anyone needs any bits before I add to ebay's coffers

Metallic red, good body panels, good lightstone interior all electric. No rust underneath, suspension shot up like a bucking bronco game.

Let me know if you need any bits

May sell whole if good enough offer received before breaking.
Just waiting patiently for the car to come back, should be here tomorrow

All wood parts available, what are you after?

The eas pump is in good nick, pumps the car up in no time, is it just pump or valve block?
PM'd Rodntod,

The head unit is only good for servicing, the display lights up but no characters, was going to use it for the £90 reapir inc aux on ebay