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Where can i purchase the Freelander bodykit that i have seen.

This is the one with the light pods built into the front bumper and the ribs on the side.

Does any one know what i mean?

I'll try and find a picture.
Here is the pic.

I'm not sure where i've seen it before, but i reckon it would look good on my black TD4.

So where can i get it from?

And any ideas how much?
Hi treev, i have that bodykit on mine...apart from the light pods..i do believe it was a dealer fitted genuine landrover accessory and was only on so many models....if you go to they have the new version on there which again is a main dealer accessory, i dont know of any after market kits but i could be wrong....there was another thread on one of these forums asking the same..but do you think i can find it.....NO...
Anyway hope this helps.
TATOOBOO....:cool: :cool:
here it is.


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this body-kit is only from land rover, if you have a 5 door its about £1800 plus paint and fitting ! dealer fit only as a number of bits need changing to get it on.
hi Trev, just seen your post and thought you might be interested in knowing that Rimmer bros can get the bodykit that you want ,BRAND NEW for only £495.00 including vat. Now hows that for a bargain! see ya
its a Land Rover genuine option, but there are copies of it around in you pick up LRO international mag, you'll probably find them in there. no idea of quality etc though.
Hi Treev, you may have some luck trying Ebay for the body kit, just got a new five dr kit boxed, genuine LR for under £200, otherwise these retail at dealers at £780+ vat,:eek: , try marshall landrover cambridge, who I know supply these kits. Good luck
The body kit you are looking for (assuming yours is a V6 2.5 5doors) is STC50333LML. You can quote this to the dealer (but not cheap) or if you are lucky, get it in ebay (It's not common for 5 doors but there is always a seller selling a 3 door version) GOOD LUCK
What would the difference be on the kit for the V6 2.5 5doors, and the 1.8 5door, surley the side of these are the same, or are they not?. so does the kit mentioned not fit all 5 door freelander? I believe there are 2 kits listed for the 5door. Anyone know if there is a difference.
Apart from the code number.