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Hi my names russ, im new to the forum and landrover scene. Can anyone help. I was driving yesterday and turned a corner heard a bang and now when i turn a corner i hear a bang also on bumps and when i reverse i hear a grinding noise. Any advice please.
I don't think patience will help much untill the OP says what vehicle and year and then puts it in the relevant forum.
Not 'yorkshire' :rolleyes:
From your very brief description and the fact that you have a freelander, I'm going to guess it might be the cv joint. You need to give more info, which side is banging, is it on full lock or slight steering, what have you already looked at tried etc.

Banging when hitting a bump points towards something in the rear suspension but Im at a loss to explain the grinding noise. Does the grinding noise seem to get faster if the car is reversed at a faster speed? The grinding could be anything from a dodgy diff to a collapsed wheel bearing to a problem with the brakes. I think you need to jack up the rear and have a feel of the wheels, turn each by hand to see if they feel smooth or not. You definitely need to isolate where the noise is coming from.