300tdi head gasket failure issues

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Hi all,

I blew a water pipe off last week and due to a fault temperature sensor by the time I found out it was to late.

I’ve since stripped the head off the motor replaced the head gasket because it failed when it got hot I had the head skimmed and put it all back together, all went well.

On trying to start it, it was an absolute pig to get going which I lazily put down to a fuel priming issue. Once started it ran smokey which did eventually clear then cam back Smokey again a mix of white and black but sounded fine no horrible noises and would start easily if stoped and started again, I left it to get completely cold and tried to start it again and nothing atall will spin and try ever so slightly.

Does anyone have an in site? I’ve gone through the fuel system it’s fully primed everything is how it should be on the surface. Is there a chance skimming the head would affect the valves? I’ve got a horrible feeling the piston rings are gone haha. If so is it worth fixing or finding a donor vehicle with a decent motor and rotten chassis?

Anything greatly received I’ve got nothing to lose with it at this point?

Cheers all
Really clean which is why I assumed they were fine and put it back together.

I set the valve clearances today and it’s running like a dream!!

It’s been emotional but I think I’ve cracked it haha