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3.6TDV8 RRS cranking but no start

Discussion in 'TDV6/8' started by silverdreamracing, Sep 15, 2020.

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  1. silverdreamracing

    silverdreamracing New Member

    Aug 26, 2020
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    Hi, I have a 2007 RRS 3.6tdv8 that I've just fitted new turbos to, not easy but achieved with body on. Once all refitted the car fired up first time straight away and I ran it for 30 secs just to get oil pumped around, then rechecked and topped up oil to correct level, started car again and ran it for another few minutes just to check for leaks and allow coolant to start going round, then started car again and ran it for a further 15mins on drive getting it up to temp, occassionally increasing revs to approx. 2k rpm and bleed coolant system, everything ran well, sounded good, no smoke from exhaust, no knocking or any funny noises and heating system was starting to blow hot air. Stopped engine for about an hour before taking car out for test run, went to restart car, it started and died in a few seconds and now fails to restart, just cranks over and over.
    Battery is fully charged, brand new LR fuel filter, have bleed through approx. 1 pint of fuel and looks ok and low pressure pump seems to be working, there are no fault codes coming up (OBD2 reader) but still won't start and no other warnings or messages on dash.

    I removed fuel pressure sensor at back of right hand fuel rail, connected hose and cranked engine, fuel flows but not what I would call high pressure. From what I understand is that the ECU needs to see high pressure in rail before it will start but surely this would only be high pressure if engine runs as its driven from drive train and the starter wouldn't generate enough spin, live data on reader showed 496psi while cranking, I changed pressure sensor anyway but no joy.

    What I'm finding strange is I removed both turbo pipes at throttle bodies and both butterflies valves are wide open when cranking, I would have expected these to be almost closed for starting and wide open for full throttle. When ignition is turned off a few seconds later the butterflies fully shut then fully reopen so can only assume that they are working but not sure what tells them to open/close, my guess would be throttle pedal and MAP sensors but wide open at start doesn't seem right to me. As the MAP sensor are relatively cheap this is my next part to change.

    The car did run well after turbo change so don't think I've done anything wronged with a squirt of easy start she will almost fire up and if I remove any wiring plugs the dash lights up with all warnings messages so not sure if I have a mechanical rather than electronic issue.

    Thanks in advance for any help
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