2.25 exhaust manifold with 2.5 inlet

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Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire
Hello, it's been a while since I've posted but I've still got my Landy!

I've got a 2.25 engine but run a DMTL weber with 2.5 manifolds and a Steve Parker custom wider-bore exhaust. This has lasted well but the exhaust has broken after about 10 years - so not a bad innings.

I came to take it off and I've got to the point where everything is off except one last nut on the exhaust manifold to downpipe collar.

I've got a trip at the weekend and really want to get the Landy working before then so I've welded up the old mid-section - the down pipe and back box on the custom setup are still servicable) and going to try and put it all back together this afternoon.

If I fail in that the other option is I've got a new ****part exhaust for another project which I could bung that on but to do that I'll need probably need to use a 2.25 exhaust manifold but would like to keep the 2.5 inlet (and Weber Carb). So, do the two bolt together i.e. are the 4 long studs on the same pattern?

I could maybe use the smaller exhaust with the 2.5 maniold with a bit of fabrication but I suspect that the stud that is seized is already helicoiled on the exhaust manifold - that's probably why that stud has gone bad - it was a crappy replacement!