1993 200Tdi Defender 110 Sw for Sale (SOLD)

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Hi everyone, Due to a change in career which involves me travelling to the dreaded Ulez I've had to reluctantly sell my defender.
However I have bought a 1969 Series 2a 109 SW as its replacement but requires a body off restoration before being able to use. So the finances from this sale will be going to that project.

So onto the Defender. She's a mostly Original 1993 110 SW with a few upgrades here and there to improve usability. At the moment she's done 166 825 miles. I have been conducting weekly checks to all aspects of the car and fixed any issue as they arose to keep it in good working order, including a regular service. Owned her now for 3 years and done lots of work to improve the mechanicals to as factory as possible.
At some point in its past, its had a cobra immobiliser system put in but is now non functional and doesn't affect the vehicle in any way other than the intermittent wiper relay which is removed due to an earthing issue.

So here is the list of work done on her:
Welded the outriggers and footwells
Welded holes in the chassis
Clutch changed to a Lof clutch
Bushings replaced
Replaced all coil springs
Replaced all shock absorbers
Added front disco 1 rubber tower insert
Replaced rear door lock unit
Replaced panhard rod bush
Replaced tyres
Handbrake adjusted
Heritage grill fitted
Original Philips radio reinstalled
Added Tdci steering wheel and RR cover
Replaced all steering ball joints
Added heavy duty adjustable towing equipment
Redone all wiring to correct Lucas bullet connectors
Replaced all lights
Added galvanised bumper and light guards
Added series 3 light bezels
Fitted correct arial for radio
Replaced glowplugs
Replaced heater matrix and resealed heater box
Added rear crossmember step
All mechanicals serviced last year
Tappets done 3 months ago
Replaced water pump
Replaced steering damper
Replaced Front axle bearings and seals
Replaced front door hinges
Replaced front door seals and all door bottom seals
Updates wipers to TD5 era type
Added extra water jet
Replaced indicator stalk
Replaced headlight switch
Installed rear wiper motor and wiring
Added Gwyn Lewis wheel arch covers front and back

I do still have the original Grill and steering wheel which I'll include.
With all this work done I believe its worth £9800
Of course it does still need some work like: Paint, C pillar repair, tub floor repair, door repairs...etc
But I would say its a great base car for any project that someone would want.
Its also on Cars and classic too but its the same description: https://www.carandclassic.com/l/C1649428
I'm based out of Canterbury, Kent
Here's some photos.
Fluffy dice not included
Feel free to message me about it if you have any questions.


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Is £13k a realistic price?
I believe so, as I've seen many defenders which may have better paint finish but are mechanically worn out go for more.
As I said, my one has a few issues with the body and the previous owners attempt at a paint job. But I've prioritised the mechanicals, steering and suspension not to mention having to rewire most of the car due to the bodge it nature of one of its previous owners.
Might I also say that its been a daily driver for 3 years so not been able to do a nut and bolt rebuild or overhaul mostly due to financial reasons, time and lack of knowledge and confidence.
Its also a mostly original 200TDI powered defender which is starting to become harder to come by. The only things I've changed are: The speakers, steering wheel, gear knobs, grill, headlight covers and the wiper spindles (which I would argue is an upgrade).
So I believe its worth around 13k for those reasons. Or I just sell it to the Americans for double (which is what the dealers do by the way).
Non lR people will most likely be scared off buy the welding that needs doing, so maybe get it done?
Reduced price to £11.5k due to a lack of interest and being more realistic.
After much discussion and debate with dealers and private sellers. I’ve decided to lower the price to £9800. As I believe it’s much more realistic given the overall condition of the vehicle rather than the work I’ve done on it.
Christ, can’t believe prices have dropped that much in the last 3 years. I bought it for £7.5k and it was a state back then.
Second hand used vehicle prices have plummeted in the last 18 months.
People don't want land rovers anymore due to the costs involved.
Insurance has gone through the roof and garages won't work on them.
Damn I was hoping to make a little bit for series 2 project. Looks like I’m going to just cover the cost of the family loan for it.
Damn I was hoping to make a little bit for series 2 project. Looks like I’m going to just cover the cost of the family loan for it.
It's bad times for sure.
When you see a parts department close down it's kinda inevitable that the vehicle prices are going to drop as no one is maintaining them etc
Damn I was hoping to make a little bit for series 2 project. Looks like I’m going to just cover the cost of the family loan for it.
It's definitely worth at least 7k. Don't accept that chancers offer of 5k. Why don't you do the welding and put it up for 8?