Defender 90 1992 'K' plated 90 200TDi Defender for sale

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Mr S1

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Surrey / Sussex borders
1992 ‘K’ plated Land Rover Defender 90 200TDi (currently on a private plate which does not form part of this sale and will be removed). Drives really well, anyone who has been behind the wheel says the same. Owned by me since October ’15 and I have literally spent a fortune getting it to where it is now, but circumstances have now changed and I ideally could do with the space so it’s time for all the hard work and money ploughed into it to benefit someone else ! Well known to @gstuart who has helped me enormously with everything and may well remember other stuff I haven't !

This is equipped for off-roading but I have not had it offroad once which is a total waste, and given such little overall use it’s now in the way. Wears 33’ Kumho tyres (and still drives nicely as above) and has a brand new (and necessary) breather kit fitted for wading along with diff guards, rocksliders, front bash guard, tank guard etc. Literally ready to go. The entire underside has been professionally and fully Dinitrol’d by Underbody Protection to seal it, the chassis itself having had some welding done prior to me acquiring but is rock solid and now fully protected. Outriggers all solid, had one replaced when Dinitrol done so all 100%. Rear crossmember replaced before I bought, again 100% solid and also fully Dinitrol’d so won’t give any problems. Towbar fitted (Dixon & Bate ball and NATO) and full electrics (not once used !) MOT’d until Dec ’18, passed the last ticket with one advisory being a small blow on the exhaust – that’s it. Done very very little mileage since so no reason why the next MOT will be any different. Cosmetically looks OK, had a paint job again before I acquired which was more a blow over being honest and isn’t the greatest job but is presentable, driver’s door has a few dings but is far from battered and the passenger door could do with a bottom section but otherwise is solid. Bulkhead good, had a little spot of welding where it meets the screen but again otherwise solid. Tubular steel front winch bumper fitted which I think looks superb, always wanted to get a winch fitted but never got round to it but it’s ready to take one should the new owner wish to. KBX front grilleset fitted which is far better looking than the original Land Rover effort in my view, new headlamps that are bright (and work !), new indicator / stop light lenses, LED numberplate light, new indicator stalk, gearbox rebuilt about 2k miles back as second gear went so had it fully overhauled with new clutch fitted. Usual transfer box leak but not pouring out by any means and works perfectly, gearbox dry. Raptor metal instrument binnacle and bracket fitted and will never need doing again) – the list goes on….

What I can remember I have detailed below:

Genuine Defender 200TDi engine, c.167k miles
On original chassis with serial number stamped at front (albeit hidden under Dinitrol but it is there and matches the logbook)
Chequer plated bonnet and front wings
Tubular steel winch bumper
New Terrafirma RTC steering damper
Diff guards, tank guard, front bashguard & rocksliders fitted
Belt done 3k miles
Gearbox rebuilt, new clutch fitted at same time
Fully rebuilt genuine Adwest steering box – steering now tight as a drum along with new power steering pump
New radiator / oil cooler fitted
New Revotec electric fan kit fitted (genuine 200TDi fan cowling comes with car but not fitted, however fan blades still in place)
Brand new Glyn Thomas full wading kit for diff’s, gearbox and transfer box venting to atmosphere via snorkel
Multiple security which will only be divulged to the new owner
Professionally Dinitrol’d throughout including inside chassis
New door and screen rubbers
New lockset (ignition and petrol cap keys different)
Momo streering wheel (smaller so more comfortable to drive with than the standard unwieldly dustbin sized article)
Raptor metal instrument binnacle and bracket
Carpets fitted on seatboxes and matching floormats
Farm jack mounted in rear
Thick rubber loadliner
Genuine Land Rover rear mudflap
Dixon Bate towbar
Rear step fitted
Stereo fitted inside centre box
Parrot BlueTooth fitted

I think £6,500 is fair for a Defender that’s literally on the button and ready to go with all the right bits fitted and presents reasonably well, I’m not desperate to sell so not interested in any silly offers trying to get it for next to nothing. At this money it seems relatively comparable with others out there. All the known issues are rectified, so this just needs using for what it’s been built for ! Bear in mind this is a 26 year old Landy so is not perfect by any means – if that’s what you want then you need to be spending £50k plus with the likes of the Chelsea Tractor Co or Twisted.

I have been as honest as I can be, as there’s nothing in it for anyone wasting yours or my time. I have lots more pictures but its proving somewhat problematic loading them on here even using the 'upload a file' button but am happy to email over on genuine enquiries.

Cash on collection or direct bank transfer from UK bank only please with money in my account before keys are handed over – no Paypal or Western Union etc.

Any questions, please feel free to ask.


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