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New Profile Posts

  1. ditomo
    ditomo jamesmartin
    Help!! Fitting a new clutch slave cylinder and clutch will go hard when bled but then push rod falls off should there be a clip holding it??? Thanks
  2. Dunarchie
    Wants too keep her running !!
  3. Timmy300
    Timmy300 pauldaf44
    hi did you ever get to the bottom of the post '300TDI EDC Auto starting problems'
  4. wiganwilly
    Got another Discovery TD5 XS 2001 165k full hustory runs sweet as a nut more reliable than my old 09 D3
  5. Andy Moor
    Andy Moor
    Freelander 1.8 Petrol Kalahari
  6. TheQ
    On the coast of Norfolk, or on the Norfolk Broads, occasionally on the coast of central Scotland.
  7. TheQ
    In coastal Norfolk , of the
  8. Quillia
    Learning to overhaul 110 landy most enjoyable
  9. Wullski
    Looking for a bit of advice, want to put set of side steps on my 1992 defender 90 . Any recommendations on what ones would fit ?
  10. Bardig
    If your not leaking oil... your out of oil...
  11. Markde
    Still having problems with gear Stuck in Park anymore bright idea ?
  12. Markde
    Got the new switch stop light and still gear not coming out of PARK anymore brilliant idea out there
  13. Sonjip--
    Hi was wondering what the best qaulity, resonabley priced cv joints for discovery 1 abs ?
  14. LennyK
    Like driving a block of C4 with a dodgy det.
    1. kommer2013
      what happened there, did a fuel line fail or something else.??
      Aug 19, 2017 at 4:04 AM
  15. Elder Siqueira
    Elder Siqueira
    LAND LOVER - Path finder and paradises seeker!
  16. waynetd5
    one thing after another with these td5 but its not that bad with the help of all you members thanks
  17. waynetd5
    hey thanks for all your posts
  18. Kyle Sims
    Kyle Sims
    transforing my freelander td4 5dr to a commercial along with some upgrades
  19. bolokwe
    bolokwe jamesmartin
    Hi, I would like to help me with where in UK i can get all the kits needed for converting defender 110 V8 3.5 pick up 1996 model to V8 lexus all these i want to do them in my back yard. I am going to keep its original gearbox. Also maybe if you can let all the members know they might assist from Lloyd in Botswana.
  20. KingMustafa
    KingMustafa MrSporty
    Please i need the the name of tool you use to read the EEprrom