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    Restorations Final Touch
  2. Kiyabow
    Hi I seem to have damaged the coolant pipes on gearbox they have bent over a bit is there anyway of this being fixed
  3. Tempus Fugit
    Tempus Fugit
    Taking each day as it comes.
  4. Lexus LX 470
    Lexus LX 470
    Should I go ahead & buy....am worried about the reliability issues with range Rover sport tdv8 issues
    1. blue beasty
      Jan 20, 2019 at 8:06 PM
  5. Lexus LX 470
    Lexus LX 470
    Actuator in one turbo was sticky. So he replaced both turbos & egrs....
  6. Lexus LX 470
    Lexus LX 470
    He has just replaced 2 turbos & both egr valves
  7. Lexus LX 470
    Lexus LX 470
    Planning to buy 2008 RR.sport tdv8, from a friend 1st owner & properly maintained ;mileage is 44k on it.
  8. Lexus LX 470
  9. Lexus LX 470
  10. Hunkers2013
    Removing all body panels for respray
  11. Bushcrusher
    Bushcrusher jamesmartin
    Morning James, hope your well and weather is better than here :( sorry to trouble you again, but how the hell do I remove the seat belt tie rods? Some times wish I left things as they were! But where's the fun in that. Hope you can help. Thanks again for all the help so far
  12. L322Ranger
  13. Bushcrusher
    Bushcrusher jamesmartin
    Hi James, got a question for you. I've read all threads regarding doing body lift on my D1 v8 .the only thing going I'm not sure of is what do I slacken on the steering to allow the body to lift? Is it in engine bay or down lower I slacken? Hope you can help
    The other news is my doing really well .we were round there today and he looks like he's grown a bit already lol
    Take care mate
  14. Juansamwell
    I'm new here please bare with me
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  15. Elson
    Can any one help me please I have a discovery Td5 it starts up and runs perfect but will not rev is this the crank shaft sensor any no pleas
  16. Elson
    Hi everyone I need some help I have got a Td5 discovery it runs perfect but there is just one think it will not rev at all any body had this
    1. goonarmy
      Try a post in the disco section
      Jan 18, 2019 at 7:08 PM
  17. Elson
    Run a face book grop called Wrexham warriors 4x4.
  18. SteveLinds
    Whoop -We have a landy!!!
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  19. Woody73
    My First Flandy 1
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  20. landy-lee
    landy-lee Grebby
    hello mate. can you sent me some photos or the rack when you get 5 mins? To txt or email



    Chees Lee