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New Profile Posts

  1. Stinging Nettle
    Stinging Nettle
    Well that's just dandy!
  2. Sam887
  3. Jonjo123
  4. Saffa73
    Saffa73 blue beasty
    Hi there, I am brand new to this forum and really confused on how it works.... I cant work out how to make comments or even where to type to introduce myself...
    Please help me
    ROY SIMPSON Ste7583
    Landranger services, middlewich.
    In my experience very good mechanics,
    Excellent parts counter
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  6. Ste7583
    I'm new here people. Anyone no of any good landy mechanics near or around Nantwich. Need my feul pump changing. Thanks
  7. obbie
    Hey there guys so excited to be part of this wonderful family
  8. Rrr
    New member Freelander owner
  9. Andy Pritchard
    Andy Pritchard
    Upgrades Start Tomorrow
  10. daytona man
    daytona man
    had this bugger 11 years and still trying to keep it going on a shoestring,
  11. Defender Virgin 2018
    Defender Virgin 2018 jamesmartin
    James, I have recently bought my first Defender. It managed 29 miles before oil pump and then engine failure.
    I am worried that the local mechanic that has arranged a new engine has simply ran off with my money!!
    I am beginning to wonder why I am bothering.... but i need to find a solution. I read that you rebuild engines, can you give me an indication of
    how long ang how much to rebuild a 200 tdi 1994 please?
  12. Cw2788
    I've gone and broken something... Help!
  13. Sharkysmith
    New td5 discovery owner
  14. mattmaclaren
    Changed to WJ jeep from a disco
  15. Gaz Powe
    Gaz Powe
    Hey everyone! Bought a 1992 5 speed Discovery. Need a little help with the shift from high to low.
    1. goonarmy
      Did they make any other speeds? Put in neutral push forwards. If that don't work put a fred in the disco forum
      Aug 14, 2018 at 1:31 PM
  16. philpremo
    HELP my td4 bonnet cable has snapped anyone got any ideas to open need someone to help open it
  17. Gazza36
    Gazza36 brianp38dse
    Hi, i have been told that you posted a link for a replacement stop solenoid, i can't find it though, could you help? Cheers.
  18. thspeller
    A proud (but very inexperienced) new Land Rover series 3 owner
  19. SAXON1964
    SAXON1964 tomcat59alan
    Bet you have a lot of SPANNERS!!
  20. The Mad Hat Man
    The Mad Hat Man cosmicjohn
    Ere Cosmic
    Need some help on shot blasting. Can you help?