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New Profile Posts

  1. paulsparks
    Has anybody had any luck upgrading the stereo system in a 2005 l322 with the most optical. Just dont know where to start, many thanks.
  2. Weggo
    I'm after the second row seats for my safari 2a does Anyone have any for sale or know were I can get some from please ,thanks
  3. mr6768
    Hello, i'm looking for workshop manual for Land rover freelander TD4 Engine 2.0, 4 Cylinder, BMW M47 (Td4) diesel
  4. Rrg1729
    Rrg1729 Trompka
    Hi I’m interested in your le kit for L322 td6 2004 Steaming angle sensor hub ring heavy duty. Gerald
  5. BennyC67
    Got my 1st freelander.... Great...
  6. Paver reclaimer
    Paver reclaimer
    Alright chaps just got my first Lanny a disco 2 auto on 99 bog standard . What would be the first mods to do for a bit of off roading cheers
  7. Shimsteriom
    Looking forward to the hotter weather
  8. IandiscoV8
  9. Paulindre
    Paulindre teddywood1
    Hi, I have just purchased a pair of realy nice silver ali roof bars, with locks and keys from wish.com they cost me 28 euro including delivery to France, they arrived in a courrier van in 3 days.
  10. Shimsteriom
    If you want an LZ cap in a particular colour, please let me know ASAP
  11. 1999
    love hate relationship!!..mostly hate at the moment!
  12. Gibbo2011
    Freelander soft top kit for sale
  13. Gibbo2011
    Gibbo2011 Floyduk
    Hey mate. I have a freelander soft top for sale. Im in surrey
  14. Liam bird
    Liam bird
    Finally it’s back on the road after 3 years sitting
  15. Sparky68
    Hi all. Eventually after many years got my Defender 90 Hard Top at Christmas.
  16. Paulindre
    Getting ready to go to Borneo in September.
  17. AidenDickinson
    Currently rebuilding a 1966 Series 2a - bought in 2016, rebuild started Jan 2018, expected completion 2050
  18. tiny6921
    Admiring the scenic West Coast
  19. private penguin
    private penguin
    back... sort of
  20. kevolandy82
    Don’t you just hate when your out on the road at work and find lanes all over yet struggle like fuk to find a puddle when your not