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New Profile Posts

  1. FantomFox
  2. elkhound
  3. Mr messy
    Mr messy
    Recently changed bulkhead on 1990 3.5 v8 petrol 110 I can’t find wires for ignition coil manual says they are white /purple and white brown
  4. Ribblelass47
  5. petebowling
    i have a L322 3.00td6
  6. petebowling
    need help how to find which transmission filter I need
  7. Dannyphill
    Need help please ASAP
  8. Dannyphill
  9. Radar1946
    Radar1946 kurtjohnson10
    Hi, What is the least you would take for the p38 compressor
  10. Trompka
    Trompka accywingy
    I´ve developed heavy duty steering angle sensor rings for Range Rover L322 models.
    What´s the price for a forum sponsorship?
    I need a little bit publicity because I´ve spent a lot of money in developing and producing these spare parts.

    Best regards
  11. Shimsteriom
    Hiding from the Gratch
  12. neilly
    neilly JohnM70
    Just in case you are feeling left out.
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  13. hutchibald
    hutchibald DefenderNewbie
    How did the zafira seats fit in your defender? Did the second row work ok?
  14. Socky77
    Having problems with my d2 td5
  15. Sazzle
  16. Russboats
    russboats. Retired Chief Stoker Royal Australian Navy
  17. Shimsteriom
    Following NorfolkBirds lead I'm changing my profile pic.
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  18. Dave1992
    Dave1992 jamesmartin
    Hi pal just a quick one i have rebuilt a diff for my td5 do you know the torque settings for the 4 19mm bolts that hold it in
  19. Birtydarstard
    Not happy landrover td4 stalling in drive
  20. Big p
    Big p
    New series 3 project just started.