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New Profile Posts

  1. John S
    John S blue beasty
    I've run into a problem with the heater cowling. I've got the new one ok but it didn't come with the flange/ bracket that mounts the motor and fan onto the cowling. It attaches with four bolts to the cowling as per the holes in your photo and holds the motor with three bolts. Do you have the bracket? If you do is it for sale?
  2. Coffeelandy
    Top Gear stand at Beaulieu is crap!
  3. Saint.V8
    Unassumingly Bemused.....
  4. alphamale1967
    Hi new member with a few questions.
  5. magpiepolish
    new in tank pump on way clip had i clipped itself , though id locked system as replaced ecu etc, i aint having anyluck
  6. wolverine-
    Finally , FINALLY she has relented
  7. Rory 110
    Rory 110
    Happy my paints arrived come on sunshine
  8. johnkarl
    might not get there quickly, but i will make it
  9. magpiepolish
    back on road changed ecu ews and took chip into my key from set from ebay , heating not as hot, must not fitted air box right?
  10. magpiepolish
    waiting on complete ecu kit as for price i got it i cdnt say no from same year as mine model etc, if i put transponder in my key itl wrk?
  11. Bluestocky
    Can I fit a 300tdi wastegate actuator on a 200tdi
  12. Ugavine
    Landy owner once more :)
  13. magpiepolish
    if i change ecu from same model and barrel kit off ebay will the car run if from bmw 47 system same as mine?
  14. neilEbardsley
  15. magpiepolish
    is the eka number stamped on barrel or hidden on sticker so i can try get number on td4 2001 freelander pre facelift
  16. magpiepolish
    edge of tears lost key and fob but have spare without chip so can get in car but no start
  17. Fearny
    I'm looking for a roof rack for a defender 90
  18. Michael Overton
    Michael Overton
    Hi does anyone know what a smooth running regulator on a l322 it keeps coming up on my hawkeye tool as a fault code 1613
  19. PCPics
    PCPics mozz smith
    Hi Mozz - key fob sync problems with my p38 /98/diesel. Have tried all methods, but no luck so far. Your lock/unlock method and then into ignition position 2 - I get continuous flashing led on fob. How long should you have to wait? Have tied up to three minutes... Anyway - your advice gladly accepted. Paul Close
  20. Graham Johnson
    Graham Johnson
    dose anyone know how to put theparking brake into maintenance mode on a FreeLander 2 GS TD4 2013