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New Profile Posts

  1. Paul1951
    Help needed! Difference between ‘E26640 AMR2910 77-A4016-XXX 27029-007’ and ‘E26640 AMR2909 77-A4015-XXX 279029-006’ door speaker amps?
  2. CCCP☭
  3. biagio
    hi can anyone tell me the part number for a 94 soft dash height control ecu please, mine has stopped working and has not part number on it!!
  4. bretty35
    brake lights blowing fuses on freelander 1 checked wiring and bulbs all ok any advice?
  5. Duncan muir
    Duncan muir
    Freelander hdc problems help
  6. gren
  7. burdy
    Hi My Defender has been struggling to achieve 45 MPH Any Advice. Thanks in advance
  8. burdy
    Hi My defender is struggling to achieve 45 MPH. has been very reliable up to now
  9. Calvin Wood
    Calvin Wood
    Anyone in tamworth green laning
  10. suggsey
    suggsey Japan Black
    then that is the both of us, we might be able to learn off of each other ....i will start with the MISTAKES if you like...
  11. suggsey
  12. Barry190e
  13. Nathan Bolam
    Nathan Bolam
    Transformation deisel smoker is running well and fuel bill is halved
  14. Japan Black
    Japan Black
    Hoping to be fully self taught mechanic by the time this Land Rover decides to play nice HAHA!!! New defender owner, learning the hard way..
  15. Stumpy Jo
    Stumpy Jo
    Hello! I'm new. Always wanted one. Now I have one. It is on some kind of lock down. I will need help. Glad I found you all!
  16. Gordon Willy
    Gordon Willy ebbadger
    Hello, I am putting RRC seats in my 110 CSW, like you have done. Its a shame I'm losing the cubbybox, but they do look the business!! Just one question...where did you fix the rear seat belt top mounts to? Looking at your pictures, the rear seat is too far back to leave them where they are?


  17. Curley
    Just bought an 04 322 rangey When I unlock car a fan kicks in Runs for a while How do I stop this and wot is the fan doing Cheers
  18. Paul1951
    I want AA Breakdown Repair Insurance. Vehicle must be serviced as official schedule post joining. P38 4.6 HSE 1996. 99000 miles. Where find?
  19. BryEvs
    Hi just joined
  20. Phil Gibbs