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I know this is nothing new but I am going to fit the egr blanking plate to my Td5 so I can get one from e bay for under a tenner, but Td5 Alive sell them with another pipe fitting but they are £50 is there any difference, and if I use the e bay gear what happens to the pipework with the valve in it? Does everybody fit anything other than the blanking plate? I am a bit confused.:)
Hi All. Need to take out Alpine stereo unit any suggestions, need to replace with another stereo:confused:
HI, new boy here ,please be gentle.
I have the LR A frame /Bull bar for my 1.8 2000 Freelander, however I need the upper mounting brackets.LR don't sell these seperatly..
Q. Does anyone know where I can get these/anybody have spares?
Q. Anyone have the fitting instructions ?
Q. Do you have to put holes through the plastic bumper for these upper brackts ?
Any help welcome.
Ihave been told i need to remove the steering wheel to get at the horn switch which also has different types so i need to see it before the i
start the search at the scrappys , problem airbags srs type, do you have to disconnect the battery if so for how long , ihave allready picked up on the dont remove the lock nut all the way to save a bust nose when removing steering wheel but havent a clue about the airbag removal .
[​IMG] Range Rover seats in a Defender
Just got mesel' a set of rear range rover back seats for the bus (Def 110):D
What ah'd like to know is, how do ah go about securing them? The bottom looks as if it might be straight forward, but what about the top/side mount? Can probably get the striker/ securing bracket things if needs be.
Cheers;) :D
I currently have about a 0.25A drain on my battery which flattens it in around 5 days.
I have isolated the fault down to FS6 on satellite fuse box 2 which supplies all internal lights thru the Multi function unit and F12 on the main fuses block for the ignition key light. By removing both of these the drain drops to 30mA
The ground is supplied via the multi function unit for the interior lights. I first thought I had a problem with this unit but I've changed it and the fault still exists.
Could the fault be caused by the alarm connection which comes in on plug/pin B/24/4


PS I'm using Haynes manual wiring diagrams,
Is this a bad idea ?
With thanks to Clutchdust....
Here we go, a full step by step guide with piccys.

The pics are of a range rover but apart from 2 extra cylinders and the engine fitted the correct way round in the car, the Td6 is identical to the Td4 and the procedure is the same..................

Please note that this will wreck the injector but usually, if you're doing this, you'll be replacing it anyway.

1. with a dot punch and a hammer, tap the nut round on the top of the injector and take the top off (I'm pointing to the nut that needs to be knocked round)

2. you should end up with this........

3. Put the top of the injector in a vice upside down and drill an 8mm hole all the way through, then open up the first part of the hole to 13mm, don't go all the way through but only go in about 10mm or so.

4. Using a 13mm nut (8mm thread) and bolt, pull the nut into the top of the injector till it stops, you should have something like this...........

5. now find a piece of 8mm threaded bar, nuts and a suitable weight to make a slide hammer...........

6. Screw the bar into the top of the injector and screw the top back onto the injector, like so.........

7. Work the slide hammer as hard as you can till the injector comes out, if it doesn't, find a heavier wieght and try again. Don't bother with WD40 as there is a seal half way down and the WD40 won't get to the part thats seized.

8. The reason it's seized is because of this crap build up...............
One cause for non-working rear electric windows

Fixing non functional rear windows