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Oct 2, 2019
May 27, 2011
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Oct 2, 2019
    1. Geordie Rover
      Geordie Rover
      Hi Oldseadog, Geordie Rover here, I was just wondering if you know anyone who could help me to do an engine swap on a 2.5 diesel p38, I have located an engine but need someone with the knowledge to do it , I am in the Gateshead area and open to any offers and happy to pay for anyone's time for the job
    2. weehazel
      Hi OSD, I sent a wee message re my front bearing on a conversation(?) havent been on for a while. Moving to Alnwick after the new year....more Landys down south.
    3. Landyfox
      Ah.... Happy belated Birthday :)
    4. Landyfox
      Hi Herb, Fantastic day yesterday, I learnt an awful lot about Land Rovers, a real education - I admired you persistence with those ruddy locks, baffling does not do these buggers justice!

      ....Now get that dash fitted :p :)

      Again thanks :)
    5. Quinster
      Hi oldseadog thanks for your quick response, I have tried it in almost every combination hi and low in free wheeling hubs out, when I put it in gear and let the clutch out there is a werring sound
    6. Landyfox
      Hi mate, it's nice to see that there are others from the North East on this form. Sp00ks is from Washington and I myself am in Newcastle.
    7. willhayes
      will get back to you mate as i think i may need a bit of guidance i only need to get prop over with flanges dont i? as landy parked up minus engine oil [quite a trail to my door]
    8. Oldseadog
      Hi Billy
      The UJ's are held in place by ciclips which are located in the recesses and can be a bit fiddly to get in!
      That's why when I do any I leave one circlip in place and use that to bottom out the cup.
      Because the circlip is used for centralising and balance you are better off working with one of each pair left in and doing the rest using the big hole on the opposite side.
      As I say, I am only across the river if you ever need support.
    9. willhayes
      hi mate went out in landy today and it started vibrating and then bang!the universal joints have thrown the end caps out and one end actually seperated from flange i stopped straight away to find one end of prop hanging down and oil pouring out from engine on closer inspection a cap had hit the oil filter [phew![] and thats all the damage thats done i managed to get a tow home [in neutral] and took it all apart again some nuts were mangled .what i think i did wrong is not push everything in far enough in vice and circlips werent sitting in right place do they sit in the groove thats recessed if so thats my problem thanks billy
    10. willhayes
      hi there mate just a queery about winch controls .ihave acut off switch inside car and was wondering what position it should be in when notin operation i.e horizontal/vertical im asking as the grandkids were playing in it and there bound to have touched everything cheers -billy
    11. Oldseadog
      Possibly, but check your earth bonding from battery to chassis and from chassis to engine is sound. If not you will have a recurring problem that would have been quite simple to sort out. Without the earth continuity, the battery would never fully charge, and a lot of your starting power will be lost overcoming the extra resistance of a poorly earthed system.
      Hope this helps.
    12. willhayes
      hi mate im in jarrow over the river she fired up ist time this morning is that dueto it not being as cold as other day
    13. Oldseadog
      Used to use the Grey Funnel Taxi Service quite a lot :D

      Will admit to 3 days over 22 years, which 3? Take your pick and no-one could prove that I was ever there, as I was on watch at the time! When did you say?? Not me Chief!!

      PMPT :D
    14. PROPMAN
      I take it you're either an ex or serving matealot.
      Care to divulge?
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