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Northern Irelander
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Jan 4, 2020
Jul 25, 2006
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N. Ireland

Northern Irelander

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Jan 4, 2020
    1. ciarzo
      Hi , Could you recommend a knowlegable and trustworthy mechanic to work on my 2005 TD4 Freelander? I live in Bangor and chatted to you a few years ago about my 1.8 Freelander. Just bought it yesterday in Wales and want to sort a few bits and pieces. Thanks, Ciarz
    2. ColinNI
      Hello mate, just bought a 1.8 freelander. Good to speak to another NI owner.
    3. chamelio2
      You live near newtownards Nice to speak i live in co . down do you know where i could buy a snatch land rover
    4. Northern Irelander
      Northern Irelander
      In N.I. the MOT centres are run and standardised by DVTA, as far as I'm aware.....a FL1 will fail in 2wd.
      I asked an inspector during an MOT,, would he pass a FL in 2wd?

      He replied "I would fail the vehicle, as it wouldn't be presented as it was designed"

      There are troopers on UK mainland that have passed their MOT in 2wd, all down to the discretion of the garage doing the test.
    5. belfastfreelander
      hello there wonder can you help im changing 18 petrol freelander to 2 wheel drive to costly to fix at the min do you know what happens at mot last mot they put all 4 wheels on rolling rd to test brakes as 4 wheel drive do i tell them its now 2 wheel drive hope you can help thanks ronnie
    6. Northern Irelander
      Northern Irelander
      Do you mean the lower tie bar?
      Depends where the rubber has perished, tends to happen under load, uphill.
      Towing would lift the front end on acceleration, so I guess that's your prob.
      I have a thread on completely modified engine bushes 'k-series' engine mounts
    7. Carl666
      hi im afterdoing the mouting under neath engine once i put caravan on my freelander you can feel it move hope you can help thanks carl
    8. Northern Irelander
      Northern Irelander
      That is Scrabo Hill, Co Down, set amongst some of the richest agricultural land, walk to the summit at the end of summer and view a patchwork quilt of the drumlins of Co. Down, formed by the last retreating glaciers.
      Not to mention views out over Strangford Lough.

      Come and have a look see, life's too short not to!
    9. StefanA
      Like the scene, is that about where you live,,,nice
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