Oil temp gauges and water temp gauges

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New Zealand
I am getting some new gauges for my 1976 series 3 and don't know where the oil sensor is (if they have one) and if I need on if i have a water temp gauge .

Unless someone fitted a gauge before (ex mod FFR), it's unlikely to have the sender. Also the sender should be paired with the gauge, so the reading is sensible.

I've an oil temp gauge, but I think I'd have been better with an oil pressure gauge, to be honest.

What wrong with your current coolant temp gauge?
Where are you putting the gauge's ? Get an after market temp gauge like Durite and Tim [ don't know what is available in NZ ] that read in numbers degrees, mount along side your other ones and leave original in place for the look:) I recon folk spend a lot of time trying to get 40 year plus old gauges to work correctly.
I installed a set of three gauges last year - voltmeter, water temp and oil pressure. For the oil pressure I made up an adaptor which mounts in the same hole on the oil filter housing that the standard oil pressure warning light sensor fits, then allows both the existing oil light pressure sensor to be fitted plus the sensor for the new gauge. (Mine is 1982 so assuming earlier models have the original sensor mounted in the same place?) I had mine made by a handy local machine shop out of a short piece of stock steel bar (would be rude not to, as he's just next door and I kind of like watching him create something from scratch with his exceedingly expensive lathe) but I suspect there are proper adaptors out there - these guys seem to have a range.
Gauge Fittings & Parts (holden.co.uk) but maybe check on the threads required as the new sensors will probably have metric or some other random thread compared to the original. I used a basic electrical sensor but will probably upgrade to a more traditional one with a direct feed as the electric ones can be a bit less accurate - went for the cheapies first as I really just wanted to monitor any variation rather than actuals to begin with. Holdens (above) do a great range of original looking Smiths gauges but they aren't cheap. The sensor for the water temp gauge fitted into a T piece that I fitted into the top hose - again it was a simple basic electrical sensor. If you want some pictures I can grab some tomorrow. I'm sure there was a thread about this topic back then which might help as well - I'll try to find it.
To the OP - not sure where you got to with options for senders/gauges etc but this looks like a good source for lots of different size options for sender adaptors, gauges, senders etc. I personally haven't used them but if nothing else it gives you a good idea of what's available out there. Was looking at something else on their website to fit some ducting to my Karmann Ghia and just came across the gauges page. All the best.Ian
I am getting some new gauges for my 1976 series 3 and don't know where the oil sensor is (if they have one) and if I need on if i have a water temp gauge .Thanks

I bought some spanking new Smiths original gauges from Classic Spares & Engineering Ltd in Strathaven (via Ebay). The clock was £64, the voltmeter £50 and the oil pressure gauge £50. Yeah, it's not cheap, but hey... I own a white elephant and SWMBO has two horses. I never get any complaints about car expenses... ;) The gauges are going in a console dash from Raptor Engineering. Will get back with a photo when it's all installed.