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Discussion in '101's and Military' started by lrjohn, Jun 13, 2022.

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  1. lrjohn

    lrjohn Member

    Feb 11, 2008
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    Looking for my next Land Rover as I am selling my D90 and having always had a fondness for ex-military (owned two lightweights in the past) thought I might look into getting a 90 or 110 ex military. So I have been looking around and saw Witham Specialist Vehicles have a few, oddly they also seem to trade under various other names online, and they appear to be the only source of direct ex MoD vehicles.

    So I enquired about a 1998 Wolf with the Remus upgrade and they came back with a price of £25,800. Ok it's a long, long while since I bought my last lightweight with a broken engine for several hundred pounds but what the heck!!
    I know the second hand car market is crazy at the moment but I can't understand why this vehicle would be worth so much money – does anybody have any clue? Ok it's a bit tougher than your 'civilian' Defender but it also doesn't have a lot of other things the civilian one does.

    Not getting it, I would welcome any comments particularly on pricing – what should I be paying for a 20 year old Wolf?
  2. Wolf Pack

    Wolf Pack Active Member

    Jun 15, 2021
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    Witham lost the contract to Brightwells, over near Hereford.
    Witham also have a bit of a rep for giving these trucks a blow over in NATO green, which makes them look good for a while.
    Since they lost the contract, they've been buying Wolves from Brightwells, blowing them over, jacking the price up and selling them on for the kind of numbers you're seeing.
    Private sales tend to be around the £18k+ mark now.
    Collectability, one-upmanship (have your attitude problem ready when you buy), better performance from the 300TDi and PAS, perception of being "better".
    To be fair, the official designation is "XD", or Extra Duty, so the truck is generally better spec and has much heavier duty parts.
    Be warned that there are a lot of parts that are annoyingly Wolf-specific and some are now in the Can't Get, Exceptionally Lucky to Find and all are just ridiculously expensive.

    HTH and just my two Bob.
  3. potus

    potus Well-Known Member

    Sep 22, 2011
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    South Devon
    I'm with you on that, IMO the prices for the Defender are way OTT at the moment and quite simply, to me, they're not worth the money people are asking.
    Good luck to the sellers but there's not a chance in hell I'd spend near 15-20K for a 20 year old Defender......each to their own.
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