1976 series 3 109 brake sizes

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New Zealand
Hi does anyone know what the front and rear brake size is, as I am needing to replace brake shoes. All I know is that the options are 10 and 11 inch.

Thanks to anyone who can help.
More info needed. Confirm that this is single leading shoe 10" rear and twin leading shoe 11" front. The brakes shoes sizes are 10" rear and 11" front, but you need the part numbers, that match yours. Get the parts book (its on line if you search) or go to someone like Paddock SPares web site and look at the pictures and confirm a match, they also have the part numbers. If you are getting existing shoes relined just give them the shoes and drums, they do the rest.
hi,as above but i am wondering how you know you need shoes but dont know the sizes,
have you visually inspected them?,