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  1. J

    Harman Kardon speakers

    Thanks, I've gone down this route myself. It's just taking some time to arrive (NZ) Unfortunately I also have amp/crossover issues and the feckin door speakers have got no feed to them.
  2. J

    Restricted Performance , Gearbox fault and low coolant warnings (intermittently)

    Yep, as said before 'goosed' battery for the win!
  3. J

    Freelander 1 Fun in a Freelander

    Love the Trough of Bowland area. When I lived in the UK that was a favourite road trip. Lived in West Yorkshire, so it was just over the hill.
  4. J

    Freelander 1 Jatco auto gearbox problem

    If it is a sticky solenoid I'd put money on it being the 'lock up' one. I'd also put money on it being a sensor problem rather than an oil issue. That solenoid (as I'm sure you know) operates when road speed is high and throttle open position is low. I had the exact same issue with an Audi A4 a...
  5. J

    Central Locking Woes

    Sounds to me like a faulty actuator. When one fails (or the plug is not fitted fully) the whole system goes into a safe mode. It allows you to lock doors manually and then lock the drivers door with the key. Using the centre console switch should work after the key is placed in the ignition. You...
  6. J

    Freelander 1 Fun in a Freelander

    No, this thread won't die. The Freelander should be celebrated as a serious offroader. I took mine (2.5V6) off tarmac for the first time this week as well. Just a little south east of Northumberland in the Ruahines Forest in New Zealand. Although short on mud and snow, she performed admirably...
  7. J

    Freelander 1 Coolant Expansion Tank - is pipe pressurised?

    Hi. The whole system is pressurised, that's why the water doesn't boil at 100c. The black pipe back to the 'expansion' vessel is sometimes called the breather pipe and allows air to vent from the radiator. It should not be leaking. If it is, then it needs to be replaced or repaired. However, if...
  8. J

    Freelander Mk1 windscreen wipers

    It's a Kiwi thing just replacing the rubbers....... Back in the UK they can afford to change the whole blade with new clips and springs etc. ;-)
  9. J

    We now have central locking...

    Treated the old girl to a new door handle as the surround was broken. Found out that the mounting screw that holds the key barrel in place was totally missing! Hence the floppy handle and sloppy locking action. My God, what a mission to remove the latch and replace the broken plastic clips that...
  10. J

    Harman Kardon speakers

    Yes, I'll take a photo tomorrow and post it. Cheers
  11. J

    central locking

    Sorry, forgot... door card can be a mission as well. Hidden screws at the bottom of the door pocket and behind the drink holder thingy.
  12. J

    central locking

    Latch and actuator are all one piece. Check that the plug hasn't fallen out of latch..... damn near impossible but worth it before taking the latch out. They are around 30 of your English pounds on Ebay. The hardest part is disconnecting the locking pin from the latch and disconnecting the...
  13. J

    Freelander 1 Rear Passenger Window Advice (Door Card Really)

    Repair kits are available for the regulators. What happens is the cable slips off the drive drum and the thing then chews itself into a knot. The cable has a couple of plastic fixings where the outer cable stops, its these that you can hear breaking. In my opinion, buy the whole regulator, the...
  14. J

    Cheap F1 comes to life

    A meet up would be good but nigh on impossible! I'm in Hawkes Bay, another Brit who has been here for 12 years with no desire to go back! Messed around with the front drivers door latch today, trying to change the door handle from an attempted break in. Thanks God for Rave....... Trying to...
  15. J

    Harman Kardon speakers

    Here's a pic of the old driver. Not much different to the Pyle driver. How bad could the sound be? The enclosure is nothing special just an L shaped box. I would be keen on trying to mend the surround, but again I cannot find a kit for a 6.5" bass driver . Cheers again Nodge, this is awesome help.
  16. J

    Harman Kardon speakers

    Cheers Nodge. I've got the driver out of the enclosure, the cone is ripped all the way around. It's only a 6.5" unit with the letters L3D950 printed on the back. Are these available seperately do you know? Or can you recommend a different 2 coil 6.5" bass driver? Thanks again for the JVC idea...
  17. J

    Livin the dream

    Livin the dream
  18. J

    Harman Kardon speakers

    2005 2.5 L V6 Hi. Does anyone know a cheaper source of replacement speakers and sub (merged) woofer please? The genuine parts are still available from Rimmer Bros and LrParts but the cost is more than I paid for the vehicle. Thanks in anticipation Johnny FP
  19. J

    Harman Kardon Speakers

    Hi. Anyone know where to get genuine HK speakers from? 2005 Freelander1. Thanks