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  1. rover75lover

    L322 l 322 air suspension

    thanks for the helpwil have a look
  2. rover75lover

    L322 l 322 air suspension

    yes using the rsw software but the front (s) wont go down at all
  3. rover75lover

    L322 l 322 air suspension

    sorry to bother you guys again After getting the air suspension going well on my 2003 l322 td6 rangey i had to go sheep chasing over mountain tracks . Up came articulation fault . So i thought ,ah,had this before and i cured it with you guys help and by resetting the suspension with my rsw...
  4. rover75lover

    l 322 brakes

    2003 td6 hi all a weird one on brakes have 2 l 322 the black one ,you touch the brakes and after about 15 to 20 mm brakes are working and fine with good resistance and good stopping power . My other one is weird 1) put your foot on the brakes quickly and after about 50 -70 mm resistance is...
  5. rover75lover

    l 322 air suspension problems

    Many thanks to all that replied , Taken sometime but got there eventually . Turns out the front two ride height to harness connectors weren't great . the one no longer clicked in fully ,faulty readings and the other had really bad electrical corrosion on the back of the connector . I bought two...
  6. rover75lover

    l 322 air suspension problems

    2003 td6 vogue Hi all, still struggling with the air suspension. It says air suspension not working and ive no ride height led light or fault light in the middle BUT it stays up and looks good ,air compress coromes on occasionally and it sits level . When i plug the maxi reader it says can...
  7. rover75lover

    L322 How big a job is it to replace the upper rear wishbone?

    ive changed the top ones and bottom ones on both sides as mot failures onmy l 322 . the top ones are easy ,buy a puller set of the auction site and then use a reciprocating saw ifthey wont come out ,mine did comeout then use the puller set to pull out and pull new ones in . The bottom ones are...
  8. rover75lover

    L322 Rear subframe.... do I do it?! 😮

    try and get a good secon hand one when they are about . I use a flap disc toremove surface rust then use hammerite . ive doneone already formy two old girls as i always get an advisory onn the rear subframe . Yes imon doing one forthe front as well just in case . yep im a l322 lower . They tow...
  9. rover75lover

    L322 air suspension valve

    Hi All , 2003 td6 vogue 152,000 miles Nice little motor but imhaving a problem ith the 8 mm air hose pipe from the rear pump to the air valve ,the oneunder the drivers door hidden in the chassis. This is theone that feeds the front left valves,rear left and right valves and is connected tothe...
  10. rover75lover

    2010 Range Rover Sport TDV8 - Oil / Diesel Leak Around Injector?

    hmm lucky escape ,could be a turbo Im always checking the tax on the vehicles as now its getting too expensive ,even my 03 on the cheaper rate of £365 is beginning to bite . I know if i own a rr and quibble the cost of tax etc ,i dont deserve to drive one BUT the gf is in control of the...
  11. rover75lover

    air suspension l 322 seal kits

    Hi All, im not being paid or receiving anything from them but 4 x 4 airseals have been extremely helpful . I bought a full seal kit from them,the videos are very helpful as well. I phoned for some assistance and they have gone over and above to try and help me . Phoned me back and are very...
  12. rover75lover

    l 322 suspension operation

    Hi All 03 l 322 td6 suspension problems . Does any one know the sequence of operation on the l 322 As in if the suspension is down ,sat on its stops,when started and switched to normal does the air reservoir fill or is the air directed to the two rear air bags and then these lift ,for example...
  13. rover75lover

    L322 l 322 can bus error error 32

    many thanks ,apparently according to rave the canbus wires connect to various modules BUT along the way they splice the cables . I cant seem to find out where these splices are . Again many thanks for the help
  14. rover75lover

    hello did you ever resolve this as mine is doing the exact same thing

    hello did you ever resolve this as mine is doing the exact same thing
  15. rover75lover

    L322 l 322 can bus error error 32

    Where can I get a good accurate can bus diagram . Rave gives a good diagram and shows where the connectors are BUT it shows splices but not their locations ?
  16. rover75lover

    L322 l 322 can bus error error 32

    hi all ,me again 2003 l 322 td6 Ive had ongoing suspension problems ,repaired compressor ,new height sensors etc .Always managed to clear the suspension codes until today . Saga history removed the solenoid main valves under the drivers door sill to renew the seals . Came off ok but the rubber...
  17. rover75lover

    l 322 air susension

    Changed the dessicant beads and filters
  18. rover75lover

    l 322 air susension

    2003 l 322 td 6 having all sorts of problems as bought it a month ago. changed the compressor seal now comes up reservoir pressure when filling but it will lift . Now does anyone have an actual pipe layout of the airlines and where they go ? if i have a leak of this magnitude surely it wouldnt...
  19. rover75lover

    P38 headlining

    if you ever bridgend way ,theres a lad there that keeps fully recovered headlinings,post covers ,you book a time he strips yours out fits new one ,keeps your old one . cracking job ,reasonable as well
  20. rover75lover

    L322 air reservoir pressure static when filling

    2003 td6 l 322 . I'm getting air reservoit tank static when filling o my rs soloutions software . I clear and it comes back. it is however lifting on all four corners . it wouldnt lift properly and would lift two maybe 3 corners before compressor overheat used to come on so i replaced the seal...