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  1. JUKE179r

    Disco 2 Disco TD5 Battery

    Old post I know but I bought this one today for my Disco 2 V8 at 930CCA.
  2. JUKE179r

    Hi All

    Howdy Kent. Welcome to the forum.
  3. JUKE179r

    Please delete

    Hear, hear.
  4. JUKE179r

    Disco 2 Track rod end nuts

    If they are castle nuts, I had to purchase M12 x 1.5 pitch for mine at DJ Evans.
  5. JUKE179r


    This is a p!ss-take. Fr Fr…
  6. JUKE179r

    D2 Under engine cover

    Bin it mate. 🚮
  7. JUKE179r

    P38A Should I put a modern touch screen radio in my car? [. . . . and other questions]

    I’m kind-of-sort-of off topic but I plan on installing in my 2001 Disco 2 a 10.4” Android 1-Din head unit with Apple Carplay. It’s all about accepting newer technology and enjoying the simplicity of it. I’m looking forward to having improved clarity for cell phone connectivity and access to my...
  8. JUKE179r

    Mileage reading countdown.

    Welcome to the forum. Try posting your question in the Freelander part of the forum. You’ll get more detailed responses there.
  9. JUKE179r

    Hi everyone, thank you for adding me.

    Welcome to the forum.
  10. JUKE179r

    I Carsoft diagnostics

    IMHO… go with a Nanocom diagnostic tool for your Td5.
  11. JUKE179r

    Disco 2 EKA Code Reset

    Welcome to the forum @LouPoo1 You can obtain or change the 4-digit EKA code on a Disco 2 with a Land Rover specific diagnostic tool. Whereabouts are you located? Maybe someone local to you can help you out.
  12. JUKE179r

    I ordered a nanocom today!

    Welcome to the Nanocom owners club. :vb-banana:
  13. JUKE179r

    Greetings from Norway.

    Welcome, from one Disco 2 owner to another.
  14. JUKE179r

    Xyz switch

    Maybe the battery (even though it is new) is knackered or the battery cable connections aren’t tight. Unless I missed it, do you have a diagnostic tool to check for electrical fault codes? Where are you located? Maybe another forum member near by can help.
  15. JUKE179r

    Xyz switch

    Welcome to the forum. Is the M & S lights flashing also with the flashing D?
  16. JUKE179r

    *Urgent* D2 V8 Thor 4.0 won't start.

    Here you go…
  17. JUKE179r

    Introduction and greetings

    From one U.S. vet with a Disco 2 to another, welcome to the forum mate. 🇺🇸
  18. JUKE179r

    Disco 1 Foaming steering fluid reservoir

    The inner liner of the hose can break off due to age and clog up the screen.
  19. JUKE179r

    Disco 1 Foaming steering fluid reservoir

    Does the D1 PAS reservoir have a built in bottom screen like on the D2 PAS reservoir? If so, it might be clogged and foam up like on the D2.
  20. JUKE179r


    Welcome to the forum sadiq.