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  1. steve2286w

    Series 2 Auto electric help

    Brown onto inlet manifold looks weird they’re normally live so that would be a direct short Wait a bit are all s2 positive earth
  2. steve2286w

    Series 3 Fuel tank

    That’s the one under passenger seat I fill directly into tank but assumed they all had drain plugs
  3. steve2286w

    Series 3 Fuel tank

    Once separated from the cradle, I filed holes with fuel tank epoxy then a layer of fibreglass on the base , but you could do all over with a clear coat of epoxy
  4. steve2286w

    Salisbury axle backlash

    That’s sounds a bit more than workshop manual spec of 0.15-0.27mm measured on the crown wheel
  5. steve2286w

    Series 3 Engine out top or bottom?

    As tottot says make a level platform some 8x4 ply would help, but how far to get it to workshop To strip properly and over what ground engine crane not good at distances unless ground smooth and level, the block itself manageable by two carrying it but not walking far , maybe an option to strip...
  6. steve2286w

    Radiator options

    Looks good how much was yours
  7. steve2286w

    Radiator options

    Sep 21 from Blanchards it was a Denso good quality
  8. steve2286w

    1971 Land Rover 88 Series IIA Advice

    Back to your original question wasit worth $4700 ,bidding with 50mins to go is $8000 Looks very good, but compare to one in A1 condition over there to see what they could fetch. If it drives it could be roadworthy for little cost and then a rolling restoration if you want to . But most of that...
  9. steve2286w

    1971 Land Rover 88 Series IIA Advice

    Have you seen it in the flesh, any pics, there’s lots bits to check and consider to decide whether you want to take it on, if you did meccano as a kid you’ll be fine
  10. steve2286w

    Spare parts

    I put blue box swivel balls in 2018 based on peeps saying their quality was quite good, not disappointed so far
  11. steve2286w

    200DI problem.

    Do the headlights come on when trying to crank when warm Have you got clean brass on the connectors going to starter and tight ( cleaning earths is good do the same with positives) Is the small wire and terminal to starter solenoid clean and sound is the connections to ignition barrel sound and...
  12. steve2286w

    Late S3 Headlight Bezel Colour

    My 84 is just unpainted ally, I believe that’s original
  13. steve2286w

    Alpine Windows

    Have you got the correct seal too, and do you know the additional over glass measurement reqd., it looks with the seal very close to gutter and inline with one of the tub hooks. I would have it so edge of seal is just above top of gutter to keep the wet out
  14. steve2286w

    523240 lower plate 2.25 diesel

    It is and looks a bit knackered
  15. steve2286w

    Series 2 Master cylinder reservoir Girling - anybody have source? Is it same as this for dual line master cylinder , sometimes you buy the mc and the reservoir together
  16. steve2286w

    Where to join cables

    The bundle of connections should be covered by the the little corner cover if you have one
  17. steve2286w

    I suffered a Run away diesel

    It’s the thin slot of the two in the flywheel you want, was that the proper timing pin fully in, it looked very wobbly, mine was a neat sliding fit
  18. steve2286w

    I suffered a Run away diesel
  19. steve2286w

    I suffered a Run away diesel

    Jumped tooth was something I read earlier on the links or other
  20. steve2286w

    I suffered a Run away diesel

    Not sure I didn’t fit the turbo I to my series , running as a di, but sounds like it’s worth a check does the actuator move if you get some pliers on lever , also you can use a foot pump connected to see it it moves too 1 bar about 15psi