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    For Sale Canvas Hood & Sticks to fit Land Rover Series 3 88

    Selling a Canvas Hood & Sticks to fit Land Rover Series 3 88 - £350 Selling my used set of Hood Sticks and Canvas from my Land Rover Series 3 88. These are not your standard canvas and sticks though. The sticks are fabricated by myself. The Canvas hood is off a 90 but shortened to fit an 88...
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    Series Seat Box Bracket

    They are going for a lot of brass currently. Spotted this when looking for Series stuff my my S3 project other day.
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    Series Front Seats

    Not mine, but these look cracking for the price.
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    Wanted Defender 90 time clock for 2001 TD5

    Hi, Not mine but browsing on ebay the other day and spotted this that might do you the job.
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    2.25p head cracked?

    Update: I have had it skimmed and the cracks have gone. Guess they were just surface cracks. Had the head pressure tested while it was there and all’s good!
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    2.25p head cracked?

    Hi, My head gasket went yesterday and the engine was only firing on 2 cylinders. I have removed the head and given it a clean up with the intention of a skim. On inspecting the head there seems to be 2 very light cracks/scores in the head between Cylinders 1&2 where the gasket went. Are these...
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    Series 3 2.25p wont start. Help!

    I have it running now just. After changing all spark plugs, new points, new HT leads, new condenser and new coil. It runs quite rough on idle and sounds a little rough when reved higher. There is a whushing noise. Could that be a air leak in the carb causing this? Or a blocked jet not but it...
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    Series 3 2.25p wont start. Help!

    It is still on points. I have tried a new condensor and coil. I have also tried with the air filter removed but still no joy. I have taken all of the plugs out of the engine and tested to make sure there is a spark and there is. Tried numerous times to time it. using TDC and 6 before also...
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    Series 3 2.25p wont start. Help!

    Hi all, Last week my 2.25 petrol series 3 started running really rough. and I mean rough it was shaking on the mounts and sounded just as rough. Since then I haven't been able to get it started. I have installed a new distributor, overhauled the carb and even tried a different carb but still...
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    Fairy Overdrive

    I have just fitted a Fairy OD to my 8 month old gearbox. To test it before i went out on the roads i knocked the transfer box into neutral and ran through all the gears with and without the OD engaged. In both 3rd and 4th with and without the overdrive engaged there were a few crunching noises...
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    Ferry discounts

    Hi Frenchdame, We have a group of 3 Land Rovers going across to Spain in August, to tackle the Pyrenees. An old girl of a S3 and 2 defenders. Because of the bookings process we have to make 1 per vehicle, Sigh! Are we ok still to use your friends Club Voyageur number on the 3 bookings?
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    Series 3 Start up issue, carb?

    To add a conclusion to my original post. I rebuilt the spare Zenith carb i had and changed it over, to no avail. Been meaning to sort the carb out anyway and for Circa £15 for a rebuild kit it was worth doing. Plenty of fuel was being pumped through, so i was left with the spark element of the...
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    Series 3 Start up issue, carb?

    Don’t think it is fuel vapourisation as I tried starting it early morning before sun came out. I can’t see a isolator on mine.
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    Series 3 Start up issue, carb?

    Hi, I currently have a Land Rover series 3 2.25 petrol with a Webber 34ich carb. 2 days ago I went on a 120 mile round trip. When I arrived 60 miles in I had no issues. Turned the engine off and 20 minted later when I came to start it again it wouldn’t fire. Managed to bump start it and it...
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    Stiff gear selection

    I have had a similar issue to this. Box has been reconditioned and cant select 2nd when changing down. Will it just run in?
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    Series 3 tyre advice!!
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    Series 3 tyre advice!!

    I’m selling a set of 4 new 205/80/r16’s on rims for £200 if your interested?
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    Series 3 2.25 Petrol overheating in snowy conditions

    Went back out in it after leaving it to rest. All back to normal. Think it might have been iced up. Not enough antifreeze. Been to the shop and got some more now
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    Series 3 2.25 Petrol overheating in snowy conditions

    Most of it had boiled over. So it had lost quite a bit.
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    Series 3 2.25 Petrol overheating in snowy conditions

    There could be but i only replaced it a few months ago?