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  1. J

    Disco 2 Discovery 2 Suspension Guide

    On my BMW, my insurance went up when I declared the brake upgrade, after that, every subsequent mod, which have been power additions like upgraded intercooler, have been shrugged off with an attitude of basically "whatevz, but thanks for letting us know 👍".
  2. J

    Disco 2 Brake light problem - third light only & taillights go off when braking

    Someone pointed out to me that my taillights completely switch off when I brake, and only the third brake light on the tailgate screen is illuminated, indicators are unaffected. I'm used to earth problems causing other lights to dim when another one illuminates, say tail lights dimming when the...
  3. J

    Disco 2 tuned td5 0-60 times?

    Sorry, I should have stated, I'm thinking mainly of manuals, as A: mine is a manual, and B: I am aware the autobox adds an extra layer of lethargy to the disco. I'm not looking for sportscar quick, but I'm curious how much improvement we can achieve to acceleration. I live in a fairly rural...
  4. J

    Disco 2 tuned td5 0-60 times?

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone could share a list of their mods, and the resultant 0-60 times?
  5. J

    Buy an old discovery or not !

    I love the attention to detail you're showing with your disco, and glad you're enjoying the process of going through it all. I'm currently quite deep in to a similarly thorough rebuild of my BMW's suspension, but like you I'm being thorough. I've had some of the suspension components powder...
  6. J

    Buy an old discovery or not !

    Thanks for the feedback - however I have to confess that I had misspelt the word deities - meant to say deities as in plural of gods diety, ended up using a d before eighties, as in the decade, almost like I was giving my age away by dropping hints about being an eighties child. Coaxial...
  7. J

    Buy an old discovery or not !

    What is it you're getting the quote for?
  8. J

    So, I bit the bullet and bought one!

    WOW! That's a bit posh, cherish it and enjoy it :cool:
  9. J

    Buy an old discovery or not !

    not only a fantastic post Stanley, but it taught me a new word - bravo sir! You mentioned looking at mundane hatchbacks and considered the alternative to be a classic land rover... Hear me out before you hit autotrader for a people carrier, but please do bare in mind that a disco 300tdi is a...
  10. J

    D1 300TDi - remove ABS thoughts?

    @sierrafery - Fantastic write up + 1 sir. @Jalfrezi - The D1 ABS has great big muckle teeth in the ABS rings bolted to the back of the discs, they could almost pass for diff pinion gears. I suggest you remove the sensors and peer into the hole, if you can't get your mk1. organic forward looking...
  11. J

    Oh - The Irony!!! Yup, for the princely sum of about 5 grand you too can put air suspension on your Land Rover Discovery 1/2 🤣
  12. J

    Reliability of the Disco 2's

    My daily is a straight 6 3.0 twin-turbo diesel BMW (635d), and my wife's daily is a 3.0 v6 twin-turbo diesel Citroen C5, but both of those vehicles are significantly taller geared, and generally less agricultural than the TD5. Both the discos I mentioned are/were manuals, so both were r380...
  13. J

    Reliability of the Disco 2's

    I bought a discovery TD5 recently, and I prefer the way our 300tdi, which was sold 5 years ago, drives on a longer trip. To me, with the TD5 having 5 combustion events every two RPM, vs the 4 combustion events per every 2 rpm on the 300tdi, it sounds like the TD5 is a 300tdi that's screaming...
  14. J

    Disco 2 Mounting a tablet

    I'd agree with Stanley and use downwards facing coachbolts with nylocs underneath them, but if you have reasons for going bolts up, the dome nuts take away some of the ugliness of the bolts up arrangement.
  15. J

    Sill replacement

    Fair enough. When I did our 300tdi with box, I didn't find it that bad, I started the arc on the heavy box, and worked the puddle up to dissolve the body's thin metal with the molten metal from the weld pool. So I wasn't playing the arc onto the body, and trying to balance between settings that...
  16. J

    Disco 2 Mounting a tablet
  17. J

    Sill replacement

    Out of curiosity, why don't you want to use the goto box section replacement?
  18. J

    4” lift kit td5 d2

    I've got to say that 300bhp's advice is spot on, and his write up is worthy of publishing in a magazine, bravo sir. There is no one size fits all solution to offroading, it's about tailoring the vehicle to the terrain. However, if you are worried about getting stuck in the mud, rather than go...
  19. J

    After market temp sensor/gauge?

    Edit - wrong thread...
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    Disco 2 Need new fob, what are my options

    Dude, it's not you, it's us... Your knowledge and english are exceptionally good. You are in my opinion one of the most knowledgeable people, if not the leading expert on Discovery 2 electronics. So there's no way it's your IQ, as MJI said: