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  1. Chaser

    Freelander 1 Final drive ratio

    :D:D What's wrong with Increased Ratio Drive??
  2. Chaser

    Freelander 1 Final drive ratio

    the term 'diff' or 'differential' refers to the sun and planet gears assembled in a carrier that enables the necessary difference in wheel speeds. the term 'Final drive' refers to the last gear reduction, ie the crown wheel and pinion housed either in a rear axle (integral with the diff) or in...
  3. Chaser

    Freelander 1 Drive ratio

    Your figures will be affected by the differential gearing since your testing with one side of the vehicle is on the ground. If all 4 wheels were up and there was no movement of the diffs with an IRD reduction of 0.8% you would have 1250 turns on the front wheels to 1249 turns on the rear. Not...
  4. Chaser

    Hesititation with Synergy 2

    the Maf compensator is for both Bosch and Pierberg mafs it's just not required if a Bosch maf is still within spec. turning off the maf compensation is basically reducing the requested fuel quantity so suspect the synergy is highlighting underlying issues, most likely injectors....
  5. Chaser

    Td4 oil in coolant only when towing
  6. Chaser

    Freelander with p1190

    may or may not be due to remap....there is still the possibility of either faulty rail sensor or maf..... if it only smokes a little at full throttle but is OK normal driving can you put up with it or is fuel consumption heavy?
  7. Chaser

    Freelander with p1190

    could try some contact cleaner on it and the injector connections...
  8. Chaser

    Freelander with p1190

    OK the black smoke is an indication of excess fuel/insufficient air. You seem to know the most common cause is an air/boost leak from the induction hoses somewhere, either at a joint or due to rubbing or a split. You may need to remove each hose for careful examination. Oil in the induction...
  9. Chaser

    Freelander Front Tyre Wear

    1st thing is to check for wear in steering joints etc and have wheel alignment checked.
  10. Chaser

    Freelander with p1190

    Need to recheck the injectors, 0263 is an injector imbalance for cylinder 3. Carefully check the electrical connections. Check al injectors are the same pn. You could also change the injector from cyl 3 to another cyl and see if you lose the 0263 but get a different code for the cylinder you...
  11. Chaser

    2005 Freelander Cold Start Problem - video

    it would be good to know how you determined that and how it was rectified?
  12. Chaser

    Engine - possible fuel line problem

    If you lift the rear seat there's an access plate under a flap in the carpet, remove 6 screws and you can check/listen for the in-tank pump operating when ignition first turned on. Be aware operation may be intermittent though...
  13. Chaser

    Problem with rear Tailgate Window on Freelander Commercial

    Then I think the only way forward is to remove the door trim panel and observe the regulator from inside the car when someone operates the door handle. It sounds as though there is slack in the cable that pulls the window down, I guess there must be if you can move the window by hand, could be a...
  14. Chaser


    :confused: Who's Moore? :)
  15. Chaser

    Problem with rear Tailgate Window on Freelander Commercial

    is it getting a signal to move down when you lift the door handle to open the door, ie, does the window even attempt to move?
  16. Chaser

    Converting a Freelander Commercial to normal

    gstuart has done it and I imagine he'd be helpful, not seen him on here recently though but perhaps you could send him a PM to draw his attention to your thread....
  17. Chaser

    Freelander with p1190

    Do you have p1260 as well? You could do injector leak off test yourself, i'm sure you'll of read this in the other threads. Also when checking the condition of the fuel rail pressure sensor it might help to fiiddle with the connection while taking pressure reading to see if it fluctuates. A...
  18. Chaser


    If your using an oil sucker you may not be thinking of removing the undertray but since you have the use of a lift you should consider removing it and lubing the bolts with copperslip or similar anti seize. It could save you struggling with them at later date if/when removal is necessary.
  19. Chaser

    fog Light Pods

    depends which ones you have? seem to remember some have a single screw underneath to release them.....
  20. Chaser

    Air-con clutch relay

    4 relays?? Seem to remember the AC clutch relay being in the engine compartment fuse box...