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  1. J

    The rr has to go

    i am looking for about a £1000. its in good condition apart from the overheating problem. i will post some pics later today.
  2. J

    The rr has to go

    1999 p38 4.0........... it was overheating for a while changed loads of parts but it has now started running a bit rough and still overheating after 5 miles. The new rr has come so this one needs to go spares or repair. i would say its a head gasket or liner but could be something less serious...
  3. J

    overheating rangie value?????

    I have finally had enough of the rangie and it has to go. it has been overheating for a while and i have had enough but does anyone know what it is worth? it is a 1999 4.0 se. I have just bought a 2006 RR sport supercharged and hopefully i will have better luck with it:D What do you guys...
  4. J

    Independent landie garage north London

    ok the guy was not a lr specialist but i have since found someone in stanmore who is but i have not used him YET... i will pm anyone who wants the details
  5. J

    the p38 has got to go.

    heaters working fine, no oil/water mix and the coolant only comes out when it gets hot from the expansion tank overflow
  6. J

    the p38 has got to go.

    it doesnt overheat all the time for example i still drive it to work daily(10 miles each way) and it dont usually overheat but every now and again it just goes up into the red and throws all the water out the expansion tank overflow. is there a difinative way of finding out if it a liner issue.
  7. J

    the p38 has got to go.

    i will add some pics sunday. Gav i didnt install the liners just a second hand block that looked very good.
  8. J

    the p38 has got to go.

    hi all after fighting with the missus for 8 months about the rangie it has now got to go. it has been overheating on and off for a couple of months have changed most things except for the rad and cap but to be honest i cant be bothered with it. so its up for sale pm me if anyone's interested...
  9. J

    where are all the old 16" wheels for p38's

    i will be breaking my p38 soon and it has a nice set of 16"
  10. J

    Sell or break???

    i have a 1999 rr 4.0se it has had overheating problems for a couple of months after replacing most things it still does it. so the missus has said the rangie has to go:ballchain: so would it be better to sell it or break it??
  11. J

    Sounds like a budgie in the engine.

    i pais £50 for the pump inc delivery and £25 to fit it but that was just a local garage.
  12. J

    i need advice on air flow meter

    Not sure how much they are but they only take a couple of minutes to fit. there are a few different types so make sure you get the right one.
  13. J

    ****ty christmas instore for me??

    Hey ****ty christmas all round. Mine has just overheated AGAIN and i have changed absolutely everything only one thing left to do to it :violent:
  14. J

    anyone with testbook in north / east london

    i know a guy in stanmore if thats any good for you
  15. J

    HELP!! overheating problems

    I have now changed the water pump and thermostat and so for (5 days) no overheating but its still loosing water and the interior carpet is damp on the drivers side. I have read somewhere that a wet carpet on the drivers side is usually the heater o rings can someone let me know if this is...
  16. J

    Overfinch engine?

    ^ i agree looks identical to my 4.0l 1999 p38
  17. J

    HELP!! overheating problems

    UPDATE: I have been out since 6am trying to sort the rangie out and i have just noticed that the driver side footwell is slightly damp but only right up against the seat base any ideas on what it could be? As i am about to change everything on the cooling system so could i be barking up the...
  18. J

    HELP!! overheating problems

    Ok all, it seems that i am back to square one the rangie decided to overheat again. left it for half hour then tried again got about 30 miles and it overheated again and again and again. There was no water loss but the heaters inside was not hot this time... Its just a never ending story...
  19. J

    Where is num 1 cyclinder on v8 4.6?

    I think thats right but im sure some one will be along to verify this....
  20. J

    Too good to be true?

    Moneypit i think your wager has come up trumps..... I contacted the "owner" just on the off chance and basically asked him a few questions and also asked for the reg number and where i could view the car and this is the email he sent back: Hi John, the reg number is VO03 VNR. I should...