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Dec 2, 2015
Aug 28, 2009
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Dec 2, 2015
    1. SDA
      hi, my problem started a month ago came to open car with remote, no go, used key in lock to open it,dead battery jump started no problem but now has no remote locking even the button on dash does nothing but locks all doors manually with key in door lock also all interior lights are not working, tried key programme still no go. Sent car to auto electrics people and they have messed with it and now its got no volume on anything still nothing works they reckon bcm
    2. western riders
      western riders
      many thanks we think we know what you mean as not machanics? but we are going to strip her down to try and check the oil sender pipes to see if they have split' as oil getting to left but not right,so watch this space.!!!
    3. western riders
      western riders
      Hi need Help? we have a disco 3.9 whent in for mot, LIKE FOOLS; left it at garage all day, when picked up that night just gone in for mot the bloke reved her to her max for emision test? hence got home to find oil all over engine, oil seal on cam blown + head gasget blown. and tapping on right side at top, did the gasget +oil seal plus new rocker arm set and still tapping,could it need new pushrod arms and tappets.
      many thanks western riders
    4. Hanoverian
      can you pm me your email address and I'll send you some more info about what I need doing. No worries, not spamming as its a) welcome b) relevant


    5. motormouse
      left it running about 2 min no oil.had a service 3 months ago been running sweet till now sorry i am late whith the reply my computer whent down as well .no look anywhere cheers kev.going to put a new oil pump on today let you know what happens
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