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Mr Noisy
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Oct 14, 2020
Feb 23, 2010
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Altrincham, Cheshire
Used Car Sales

Mr Noisy

Coming in your ears., Male, in Altrincham, Cheshire

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Oct 14, 2020
    1. steve999
      What name on fb are you Sam?
      1. Mr Noisy
        Mr Noisy
        Have messaged you on FB
        Dec 10, 2015
    2. steve999
      Looks like Sunday is off then?.....send me friends request on fb would be good to keep in touch my fb name is steve barney.
      1. Mr Noisy
        Mr Noisy
        Cannot add you pal have tried before try to add me
        Dec 9, 2015
    3. Dusty0113
      the green machine looks bad ass (Y) lol. when will we see it chugging out black smoke??
      1. Mr Noisy
        Mr Noisy
        Never, its a bloody V8!
        Dec 8, 2015
    4. deangermouse
      Hi, 2001 5 speed manual petrol freelander gearknob, £10 inc p&p, cheers dean
    5. 300tdifan
      hi there, hope you don't mind me firing over this message, but I saw some pics of your Disco: DSC_0001-3.jpg Photo by the_fatboy_racer | Photobucket.
      Firstly please accept my compliments, what a great looking truck.
      I wonder if you could advise: What colour is it and can you give me the details of the company who resprayed it in that Satin sheen?
      I ask as I want to get my restored Classic Range resprayed, , ,
      many thanks for your help.
    6. ratmanrover
      Im stripping a k plate 200tdi disco. the bit your after i think i have. Its got a clamp bolt one end the other a thread for the knob and i guess about 6" long.
      If its the one £10 delivered?
    7. one stop
      one stop
      8.30 for coffee 9 sharp hit road fox house
    8. b3nc123
      Hi Mr Noisy, I've been digging around and read that you did your boot floor with chequer plate. Thankfully I also stumbled across your post about the crap quality of mps 4x4 panels. Would you be able to give me any tips / do's and don'ts on how you did it please? Any info what so ever would be much appreciated. Thanks Ben.
    9. gazza62
      Hi re my steering pump when I look online for a pump they don't seem to have the wheel / pulley thing that's fell off mine ?
    10. Mark4119
      Hi Mr Noisy, my location is Stourport, Worcester. The wife has taken over the project as I am going abroad 5 days a week now with my job starting tomorrow. She would like to take it to a garage and let someone build the car back together. The only thing holding things up atm is the welding.

    11. Mark4119
      hey mr noisy, i'm looking for a person who maybe able to do a bit of welding on the cheap, or reasonable price, got any ideas mate.
    12. top-cat
    13. DavidSally
      Hi there, DavidSally's number 0752 8852 941
    14. 1spin
      he not sure sam lol about where the ford is , he seems to think its hollinsclough not 100% though, av alook on the map see if it was near, where we was.. cheers jim.
    15. 1spin
      hi mate, sent a message to one of the guys i went night lanein with, see if i can find out where that farm is with the ford, they also have memory map , so i will see ,if they get back to me. so you can have it for future ref:)
    16. sammy1
      Hi mate just looking at your disco in the mag have you seen it
    17. GreenHornet
      Hi Mr noisy,

      Sorry to pm you but I have a question regarding wheels. I have contacted garage 4x4 and they are waiting for 15 x 10 to come in. What are the implications in going with -32mm offset. Can I or do I need spacers?

      Thanks for you response

    18. top-cat
      Hi sam
      Its Tim, If you need any help with the welding let me know, i have a very good welder and could weld any brackets etc you need. i still owe you for helping with the axle, so any return favour id be more than happy to help with.
      Ive lost your number with my old phone if you could text it to me 07973 961254
      cheers Tim
    19. steveyorks
      Hello, I am told you have a mountney or similar fitted to your 300tdi. I have been told that the bosses are not available as I want something similar. Can I ask where you got yours please? Steve
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    Altrincham, Cheshire
    Used Car Sales
    Current Landrover:
    '92 Disco 3.5 V8
    Dream Landrover?:
    A brand new '92 Disco 3.5 V8 !!!


    Landyzone Resident 0.51 Genius

    '92 Disco V8

    4 wheelin' poverty machine.