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Kris 300TDI
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Oct 16, 2018
Dec 14, 2007
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Kris 300TDI

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Oct 16, 2018
    1. Trekex8
      Hi Kris,
      Could you give me a estimate price to deliver Discovery 1 from Stainforth Doncaster to Cumbernauld Glasgow.
      Sorry mate don't have postcodes yet.
    2. offroadbob
      ello mate just registered so talk later.Rob
    3. Kris 300TDI
      Kris 300TDI
      Hi Jon, can sort all the things you need done no problem. Will give you a call later in the day and have a chat, CHEERS Kris.
    4. ac3bf1
      Hi Kris,
      I have been told you are local in Surrey
      do you guys ever go out for green laning or some offroading weekends or days out?

      Could you perhaps let me know if you do?
      I have a 110

    5. ac3bf1
      Hi Kris,
      I was given your contact by someone on this forum.
      I've been told you are good at working on landys :-)

      All I need done is some cable routing and setup of a second battery for now. I would rather let someone who knows do it than me drilling through the car... I've been told it can be done without drilling the chassis.

      I would like to install the following:

      4 x spots (100 w each)
      4 x work lights (55 w each)
      2 x awning lights (max 50 w?)
      marker lights (led, hence low powered)
      route cb antenna cable into cab

      fridge in rear cab
      light in rear cab
      cb power in front
      map light power in front

      I will also like to install a patriot cage inside the pickup back as the canvas is not safe for travelling

      let me know when we can have a chat perhaps on this.
      my cell is 0777 33 10 411, or email is jarbib@gmail.com


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    Current Landrover:
    Discovery 300TDI
    Dream Landrover?:
    Defender 90 Tomb Raider