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Starter Motor Removal (2001) TD4 Freelander

Discussion in 'Technical Archive' started by wriggs, Aug 18, 2011.

By wriggs on Aug 18, 2011 at 7:53 PM
  1. wriggs

    wriggs New Member

    Aug 21, 2010
    Likes Received:
    P8170088.jpg P8170087.jpg P8170082.jpg P8170081.jpg P8170083.jpg P8170084.jpg P8170089.jpg P8170095.jpg Here are just a few pics to clarify the positions of the Bolts that require removal to disengage the Starter Motor (Denso as fitted to the 2 Litre BMW Engine).
    If you are carrying out the usual solenoid service kit replacement of parts ,then this procedure is fairly straightforward.
    The Haynes Manual is pretty vague on this part of the strip down and eludes most who endevoir to try and figure out the removal given from the manual pics and illustrations.;)
    1/The pics start at the top view of the engine and this is how it looks before you commence removal of the starter.
    2/A few illustrations showing the rear/top bolt including the spanners to clarify its position.
    3/The motor is shown with electrics removed and the front bracket bolt hole visible after front bolt/nut removed.
    4/If the battery box is removed, this can make easier access to the top/rear bolt using a 13mm socket and swivel knuckle on the wrench.
    5/Last Pic shows the starter bolts / batt box bolts and removed Motor.

    Hope you find this information useful and good luck with the easy part (replacing the plunger and contacts).
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Discussion in 'Technical Archive' started by wriggs, Aug 18, 2011.

    1. Slayer
      Thanks for the pics :)

      How long did it take until the motor was out?
    2. Zyderboy
      This was a real quick solution for me too, Many Thanks Buddy!
    3. REMELAD
      Hi all, my first time on this site, really useful. Thanks for the post on the startermotor, just pulled mine out and fitted kit from ebay, and it worked first time.
      Wife broke down last week and a well known recovery company attended and told her it would be £250 to fit new starter, as they are sealed units. Ha to them. off for a well earn shandy
    4. Barry6690
      I'm having to do mine, when I turn the key to start nothing happens, I release the key and turn it again. It sometimes starts straight away and sometimes takes 4-10 goes to get it started. Will the whole motor need replacing or just a repair kit fitted.
    5. Barry6690
      I've ordered a repair kit, hope to do this W/E.
    6. Zappos
      Excellent! I was struggling to find the rear bolt, Haynes manual was no use ;) Starter now out and waiting for the kit from eBay so thanks for the help. Bit of a squeeze to get it out past the pipework. Hope I can get it back in :D
    7. digby
      No problem to refit
      Just remember to put it in ass upwards and then guide the head into the hole !
    8. Zappos
      Yep, went in easy enough. All sorted and starts perfectly now. That saved a few hundred quid!

      The contacts were seriously worn. The larger one was a good mil lower than the smaller one so obviously was having trouble connecting. I took a photo showing the wear but can't work out how to upload a photo :eek:

      Also fixed Donald thanks to a thread on here which started when I fitted the EGR bypass so a good day all round. Thanks for an excellent forum. {Quack...}
    9. NavyReg1970
      I have the starter unbolted but there is just too much stuff in the way to get it out, there seems to be some sort of heat exchanger at the non drive end that it fouls against
    10. Bennehboy
      Sorry to resurrect but I just used this guide to do the starter motor on the wife's car, never would've found the back bolt without it, cheers.

      Start to finish about 45 minutes work, sweet.
    11. BenjaminHorsten
      Hello together.
      Im Sorry but i can't see any pics here. Im new here and just about to replace the starter to my TD4 Freelander. maybe someone can repost the pics?
      I planned to replace the starter from the top but i wonder if i have to remove the engine oil cooler for this. Can i change it from under the car easier?
    12. Peter Bennett
      Peter Bennett
      Hi all,

      Funnily enough I've signed up to ask for these photos as well. If they are still available can they be uploaded or messaged. I'd very extremely grateful. intermittent issue with starting and Im 99% sure its the starter.
    13. blue beasty
      blue beasty
      It looks like the pics were dislodged with the recent forum upgrade.

      I've reinserted them though not where they originally were but they should be in order.

      I hope that helps
    14. Peter Bennett
      Peter Bennett
      Wow thanks for the quick reply. They are back. Really appreciate this. Thanks very much.
    15. blue beasty
      blue beasty
      If you find any others missing elsewhere a message to me will save hoping I see a post by chance ;)
      BenjaminHorsten likes this.
    16. REDNAL3
      Very helpful post ! ;) Are there definitely only two bolts (the long ones in picture)securing the starter motor ?
      I have removed two but the starter wont budge at all. Is there a knack to getting it out ?
    17. Nigel Diamond
      Nigel Diamond
      I'm about to take on this task. Quick question. Should I buy a brand new starter motor or go for one from a breakers yard? What's the view on this?
    18. Nodge68
      The starter is a wearable item. There's little point in getting one second hand. Either buy new or refurbish your own ;)