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How to: Bonnet Release Cable Replacement

Discussion in 'Technical Archive' started by Zejmjien, May 1, 2013.


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  1. Zejmjien

    Zejmjien Active Member

    Dec 1, 2012
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    Taken from Original thread

    Just finished the replacement. what a job!!!! I put some copper paste on the front of the sleeve hopefully will be all ok. One thing i was not sure about...should i get rid of the plastic protector or fix it back?

    As my religion says Below are some pics. together with the procedure for anyone who might need it

    1. Started undoing bolts on the actual bonnet like someone said in one of these threads (size 10)
    2. 1st bolt out, 2nd bolt was made of cheese or a similar material, head got rounded off (you might be lucky at this stage and the two bolts come out)
    3. Got a spare catch-and-latch
    4. Cut existing catch bolt


    5. Bonnet pops up as if you have pulled the cable
    6. Removed top radiator holds
    7. Removed Bumper (4 screws in wheel arch to dismantle gaiter, 1 bolt beneath headlamp size 10 On each side & 4 screws at bottom from valance to sump guard and 3 clips at top of bottom grill)


    8. Push radiator backwards and drill the rivets on the plastic cover
    9. With a soldering iron, melt the whereabouts of the rivets you cant drill (if you havent taken the rad completely out that is)
    10. Undo bolts (size 10) holding spring mechanism
    11. re route new cable (loop end to mechanism, pin end to handle in footwell)
    12. clip gromit in
    13. test
    14. re assemble
    15. replace or refit catch-and-latch mechanism
    16. slacken bottom bolts of latch and slowly close bonnet (this is to re-align the two parts)
    17. open bonnet an re-tighten
    18. sing alelulia

    Hope this has been useful and the too-many-details are for those who are having a go at it. I reckon a garage would charge some good money for this job so worth a go-at
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