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Aquapol damp scam

Discussion in 'General Land Rover Forum' started by Hippo, Sep 14, 2019 at 1:28 AM.

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  1. Hippo

    Hippo Lord Hippo

    Nov 22, 2007
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    Peter Ward is a geochemist who specialises in period property renovation. As part of his work he comes across damp problems which in the majority of cases are resolved with better ventilation.

    He also speaks out about the big con of damp proofing (damp wallys) and how they scam people for work which doesn't solve what the industry calls 'rising damp'.

    Video below about the latest damp scam called Aquapol. These things are installed at a cost of several thousand pounds and do fuk all.

    Below is a link to peter's website for more information on his campaign about the damp industry con. He has a number of video's on youtube which show example damp problems and the simple solutions to resolve them.


    I'm not connected to the company. I follow him on youtube and his campaign against the damp con industry after buying a house and being quoted for damp proofing work which wasn't necessary. The work was never done because I watched Peter's video's and followed his advice.
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