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Old 15th-June-2006, 18:09
Junior Member
Join Date: Jun 2006
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Default Re: TD4 Air conditioning problem

Mondo, I just wondered which ez fill kit you brought for your aircon. Was it just the top kit or the complete re-charge one. Also how do you know how much gas to fill the system with? My aircon isn't working very well at the moment and wanted to try re-charge.
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Old 15th-June-2006, 18:18
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Default Re: TD4 Air conditioning problem

Originally Posted by Dark_Rocco
Mondo, I just wondered which ez fill kit you brought for your aircon.
Ez Fill -Recharge plus. comes with all destructions and a crap plastic pressure guage, that was as much use as a chocolate fire guard, so I just Guessed till it worked
It Aint technical, Which wos good for me
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Old 18th-June-2006, 17:31
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Default Re: TD4 Air conditioning problem

i just gassed up my ac with the halfords kit it cost 39 but you get a free steriliser worth 12 so its not 2 bad it has a gauge that did not work a leak sealer and lube etc , i just hooked it up sprayed some in till the clutch on the ac started to kick in put a bit more in then left it at that nice cool car ,to sterilised the ac is easy you just run the ac set it to recerculate stand the sterilising spray on the floor set it off and leave the car and for 5 mins smells great going to take the filling kit back to halfords next week and get the gauge swapped out so i can check if i have put the correct amount of gas in and top up if necessary hell they may even give me a hole new kit
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Old 25th-March-2010, 22:39
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Default Re: TD4 Air conditioning problem

My apologies for resurrecting an old thread but just to say thankyou for all the advice I have received from these boards I thought I would post a few pics on the re-gassing of the air con system.

1. Locate the filler point.

2. Start the engine, turn on the AC at max cold and Check the pressure using the gauge supplied.

3. If the AC clutch does not engage, the gas will seem to fill very quickly. This is because the pump is not running and you are only pressurising the pipes, not the full system. Check that the pump is running by looking behind the plastic cover on the off side of the engine just above the under tray...

Thus, spinning..

Not spinning..

If it's not spinning, turn the engine off and jemmy it round a few times with a screwdriver, it worked for me.

4. Restart the engine and continue filling the gas, release the button every few seconds and shake the can otherwise it freezes up the filler hose and stops coming out of the can. Continue until you get the desired pressure.
Note, if the AC pump stops running the pressure will indicate much higher, so make sure it's still running....

Hope this helps.

I apologise if I am teaching anyone to suck eggs.
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Old 15th-July-2013, 22:17
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Default Re: TD4 Air conditioning problem

Booked mine in for a regas after this hot weather to at least get cool. Local kwikfit friday afternoon at 3pm. They phoned to cancel as the machine had broke down. No real problem apart from already paying up front on line. Phoned customer service today to get a refund and was told it would take 5 to 10 days for it to get back into my account. Cheeky sods took my 49 quid straight out of my account when I paid!!
Anyway phoned another near work, checked their machine was working, booked it in and all sorted, cold as ice and even blowing colder when just running the fan on cold setting. Well pleased, and it only cost 30 quid cos manager wasnt there.

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Old 15th-July-2013, 22:31
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hd3 hd3 is offline
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Default Re: TD4 Air conditioning problem

mine was blowing hot air last year ( bought the '06 hippo in feb 2012 )
got it charged up .. all nice 'n ice-kool

used the ac/demist all thru winter .. few times a week ..

come summer this year .. ac cooling not very efficient ..
to the point that .. having all windows open works better

would have thought a re-charge would last a bit longer :-/

debating wether to re-charge it / look for a leak
or disable it altogether ..
take out the ac fuse so it don't run with the demist in winter

Last edited by hd3; 15th-July-2013 at 23:17.
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Old 16th-July-2013, 08:41
Singvogel's Avatar
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Join Date: Oct 2011
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Default Re: TD4 Air conditioning problem

Well folks this is an old thread.

Here's my experience.

I use my AC almost every day - in fact I have to decide when to NOT use it.

I use it as a manual controlled Climate Control along with the heat setting dial.

All through the Winter I run it along with heat to keep the windows clear and the humidity down.

I know all the usual comments about how it wastes fuel and so on.

But here's the crunch for me - I've never needed to top up, or do anything to it, in 9 years and 115K miles.

Set on re-circ with fan at speed one I can get air from the central vents at 2.5 degrees C - that's the coldest setting.

Without re-circ and the fan on a higher setting the air vents give around 8 to 10 degrees - depending on outside temp.

If you cant get air at less than 5 degrees with re-circ and fan speed one, your AC needs attention. Easily checked with a cheapy digital temperature gauge from eBay around 5.

I rarely need more than speed one except perhaps for a few minutes when I return to the car if it's been sitting in the sun.

I never drive with the windows open either.

So any extra cost on fuel is compensated by not having had to do any repairs.

The AC compressor of course does not run all the time - but only when needed - so all through the winter it is being sporadically used - I think it's this which keeps everything in good order.

Most of the so-called 'luxury' vehicles with full climate control, have a system where the AC is powered all the time and comes into play as required to maintain a set temperature by balancing hot and cold air.

I'm trying to copy that - after a bit of practice it's fairly easy - without fiddling with controls all the time.
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Old 16th-July-2013, 08:52
timtheenchanteruk's Avatar
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Join Date: Aug 2011
Location: Leeds
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Default Re: TD4 Air conditioning problem

AC is best used every week, it circulates the lubricant and helps prevent leaks.

It is also very useful in the winter, even if using the heater, if its very damp/wet A/C dries the air as it comes in helping to demist quicker.
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Old 17th-July-2013, 17:38
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hd3 hd3 is offline
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Join Date: Feb 2012
Location: bradford w.yorks
Posts: 1,107
Default Re: TD4 Air conditioning problem

bought some 'EZ Chill Auto Air Conditioning Recharge' from halfords
.. 10 refund on empty container ..
( Interdynamics Europe - The AirCon Service in a Can! )

hooked it up .. gauge read zero :-(
started to charge it .. compressor kicked in ..
gauge got to the first bit of the green section .. wouldn't go any higher
was aiming for the 71f temp reading ..
when i inverted the container the gauge shot up into the begining of the red section :-/
container right-way-up .. gauge back in green ..

anyhowz .. ended up using the lot ..
( hope i didn't overdo the pressure .. )

ac now works fine .. took a 40 mile drive with windows closed ..
fergot how quiet it can be :-) .. by comparison ..


found some roll-up bamboo-slats window blind .. left over from a d.i.y. house project
be just the right width to fit between the 'a' frames ..
attached two elastic shoelaces to it .. hooked them over the sunvisor clips
now have a windscreen / dashboard shade for when the hippo is parked up .. :-)
( it's facing south when parked at home )

Last edited by hd3; 17th-July-2013 at 18:46. Reason: corrected description
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Old 17th-July-2013, 18:15
Join Date: Oct 2011
Location: Carterton
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Default Re: TD4 Air conditioning problem

I did mine last night/today. The gauge read zero on mine too when I first connected it, filled as much as I could but the gauge was fluctuating between the white section and just into the green. The temp was only just a little better. Today I got another bottle and charged the system, this time the pressure increased to the green section and no more fluctuating gauge, just nice cold air
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