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Old 30th-January-2012, 18:40
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Default heater blower fault

It raised it head today. I drove it fan was fine, 10 mins later my Mrs took it out and the wasnt working. I checked the fuse on her return, which was ok. I did notice turning the switch between 3-4 a relay 'click'.
Can anyone help
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Old 31st-January-2012, 01:57
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Default Re: heater blower fault

Could it be the resistor fault?

Freelander heater fan speed fix
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Old 31st-January-2012, 06:39
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Default Re: heater blower fault

I haven't got a Freelander, but I had a similar problem with a Rover 45 I once owned. It was the resistors gone, however I think what caused them to go was a fan on it's last legs that was seizing up. They rely on air flow over them to keep cool (relatively).

If it's only the resistors you usually find that the fan will run on the higher settings but you lose the lower ones.

Considering you hear the relay working, I would check that the blower fan hasn't seized or that there's nothing trapped in it. It wouldn't hurt, of course to check the resistor pack as well while you're at it.
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Old 31st-January-2012, 09:57
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Thumbs up Re: heater blower fault

Hi. This is really bizarre. The heater blower stopped working on my 2005 TD4 last evening. One minute it worked the next sweet nothing.Did a bit of research and got the answer. If individual blower settings stop working it will be the heater blower resistor pack. If, as in my case, the entire blower just stopped it will be the connector that is situated in the drivers footwell near where your left foot rests against the carpet. My TD4 is an automatic and there is a footrest next to where the plastic connector is sited. Wiggled the connector and it all came back to life! - perfect. Have taped up the connector and secured it safely out of the way. Good luck with yours.
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Old 31st-January-2012, 17:30
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Default Re: heater blower fault

I did notice turning the switch between 3-4 a relay 'click'.

There's a yellow relay behind centre console on TD4 whose sole purpose is to run fan on speed setting No 4.
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